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Reconciliatio et Paenitentia 29: “Whose Sins You Shall Forgive” Part 6: Training Good Confessors

Are you curious? How do seminaries train confessors? It seems as secretive as the seal of confession itself. Unlike counseling, it is wholly inappropriate for any kind of direct monitoring. Fabricating encounters of confessing sin strikes me as akin to … Continue reading

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Camels As Ships

One interpretation of the “three ships” in the English carol is that they symbolized the camels, the “ships of the desert” presumably used by the Magi.  Bethlehem is clearly not a port, and I think we do well to respect … Continue reading

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RENQTC Question 2: Sacraments

This dropped last month, and there’s a query about sacraments outside of Mass. Look carefully: this question centers on the use of the Roman Ritual or the Roman Pontifical. Do you know the distinction? The latter is now totally out … Continue reading

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