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RENQTC Question 3: Refusing to Concelebrate

This was promulgated last month, addressing questions like this one: If a Priest who has been granted the use of the Missale Romanum of 1962 does not recognize the validity and legitimacy of concelebration – refusing to concelebrate, in particular, … Continue reading

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Reconciliatio et Paenitentia 31: Some Fundamental Convictions, Part 3: Conscience

The third conviction, which is one that I wish to emphasize, concerns the realities or parts which make up the sacramental sign of forgiveness and reconciliation. Some of these realities are acts of the penitent, of varying importance but each … Continue reading

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Community Chest Updates

A favorite through two childhoods–my own and that of the young miss–renovated a whole section of play. No more beauty contests. It looks like the amounts players are given and taken are mostly the same. $45 has been rounded up.  … Continue reading

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