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Dicasteries: The Great Reorganization

Pope John Paul II’s 1988 curia reform Pastor Bonus has been superceded, and a Vatican bureaucracy upended, at least on paper. The NCRep has a story on it here. Naturally, most secular media I’ve seen are focused on the notion … Continue reading

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Spe Salvi 16: Hope in the Modern Age

Many commentators have wondered at the Benedict papacy of 2005-2013. In some Catholic circles, his election was greeted with joy, if not glee. His encyclicals remain largely untouched by his fanboys and fangirls. If some people expected a law-n-order pope, … Continue reading

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Joseph, He of Great Tenderness

Let Pope Francis tell it on the feast day today: Through his work and generous presence, (Joseph) cared for and defended Mary and Jesus, delivering them from the violence of the unjust by bringing them to Egypt. The Gospel presents … Continue reading

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USPS: First On The Moon

I suppose the USPS figured it had to depict the Earth in this representation of Neil Armstrong’s first steps on the Moon. But it’s another inaccuracy in philatelic art.  The Moon’s rotation is locked relative to the Earth–the same half … Continue reading

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