Our Hearts Were Burning Within Us 142-148: The Adult Faith Formation Team

The US Bishops promote teamwork in Our Hearts Were Burning Within Us:

The parish will have a core team of parishioners committed to and responsible for implementing the parish vision and plan for adult faith formation. (142)

As people say (including the USCCB), nobody can do it alone. A bit of micromanagement, advising, “three to ten members … qualified representatives of all the major parish demographic and cultural groups.” No cliques. No silos; working with other parish groups is urged (143).

Some indicators are given:

  • The parish has a functioning adult faith formation team that is formally recognized in the parish leadership structure. (144)
  • The parish team, working with the pastor and parish staff, formulates a vision of adult faith formation for the parish. (145)
  • The team identifies elements of parish life that foster adult growth in faith, assesses their impact, and if necessary, offers recommendations to enhance their effectiveness. (146)
  • The team provides a diverse range of quality programming for parish adult faith formation. (147)
  • The team receives both initial and ongoing formation to prepare it to accomplish its mission effectively. (148)

Pretty basic stuff. As is study of documents and research recommended by the team as it moves forward.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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