Our Hearts Were Burning Within Us 155-159: Diocesan Vision

The US Bishops turn their attention to The Diocesan Vision of Adult Faith Formation in Our Hearts Were Burning Within Us starting with paragraph 155, the first of three objectives for the local bishop and his staff:

The diocese will have a clearly stated vision of lifelong learning in parishes that promotes adult faith formation as the chief form of catechesis.

The footnote attached here is from the GDC, paragraph 59.

Indicators follow, the first being that bishops are expecting a “consistent” advocacy (156) from their own ranks. They are, after all, the primary catechist on the diocesan level. We may tout the role of parent in the domestic church, but the bishop is certainly holder of that title for his see.

Paragraph 157 reminds us that the point of adult formation is not well-educated Catholics, but “the formation of mature disciples of Jesus.” It’s not knowledge about the faith, the Church, or even Jesus, but the ability to join with the Twelve, the saints of all ages, and others who present the Lord’s values and missions, who show them to the world.

Dioceses should consult with people in its midst and in parishes to formulate a pastoral plan (158) for adult formation. Collaboration in a diocese and among parishes is also important (159). Things to avoid: duplication of effort and competition between various groups and persons in the overall vector of adult formation.

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