Our Hearts Were Burning Within Us 181-183: Conclusion

It’s time to wrap up the USCCB document Our Hearts Were Burning Within Us. Today and tomorrow we’ll look at the bishops’ Conclusion. They begin citing the third Gospel:

So they set out at once and returned to Jerusalem where they found gathered together the eleven and those with them. . . . Then the two recounted what had taken place on the way and how he was made known to them in the breaking of the bread. (Lk 24:33-35)

Referencing the full story, the bishops acknowledge discouragement is with us in considering adult formation. We have obstacles, both within the Church and not only outside it in the culture at large. In a parallel with our series on Spe Salvi, the bishops mention hope in paragraph 182. Jesus journeys with us today as he did on the road to Emmaus:

  • meeting us on the pathways of our lives,
  • sharing our concerns,
  • enlightening us with his word,
  • strengthening us with his presence,
  • nourishing us in the breaking of the bread,
  • sending us forth to be his witnesses.

We are reminded the effort to form adults in the faith is ultimately God’s work. We can’t accomplish it without him no matter how much quality we pour into our books, websites, presentations, and the formation of our catechists and leaders.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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