Booster and Testing

Boy, was I glad about my decision last Thursday. I was in for my annual physical, and the nurse said I was eligible for a second booster. She reminded me about the side effects, and I thought it would be better to do it this week.

Monday went downhill through the afternoon. I was looking forward to getting four to six miles of walking in after my errands. Instead, I went to bed. I was reintroduced to “flu-like” symptoms. The headache persisted through today, and it wasn’t until I woke from my afternoon nap at 5:30 pm that it had vanished.

Missed a staff Zoom call. Missed a lot of bustle with the young miss off to work. All good though.

I was reading on a conservative-leaning site a commentator complaining about a vaccine that “doesn’t even work.” Plus the usual mewling about freedom and such. Some people have been spoiled by a notion that it works in real life like it does in movies and video games. There is no cure for the coronavirus. Bad things happen, whether a person has faith, is a Republican, or what.

2020’s best hope was to blunt the effect of a global pandemic and its spread so we could limit deaths from the millions to maybe some hundreds of thousands. More and better federal leadership might have saved a few hundreds of thousands. But that’s not been the priority for some politicians. The cost of the virus has been something well-papered over in the US.

It seems one thing to take a long refreshing nap for healing. And another to willingly close one’s eyes to the reality of life.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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