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Beyond Time

I posted a link to last week’s science fiction review on another social media platform, and a friend commented thus: Reminds me of a time travel philosophical question I heard the other day. (Jimmy Akins Mysterious world podcast). A baptized … Continue reading

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Spe Salvi 43: Last Judgment and More On Learning and Practicing Hope

43. Christians likewise can and must constantly learn from the strict rejection of images that is contained in God’s first commandment (cf. Exodus 20:4). The truth of negative theology was highlighted by the Fourth Lateran Council, which explicitly stated that … Continue reading

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Unifying Easter

I noticed a piece at PrayTell pondering the variance in the observance of Easter in Christianity.  To this day, the fact that Christians celebrate Easter on different days puzzles some Christians and annoys others.  Yet the issue is no longer … Continue reading

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