New Document on Liturgical Formation?

A Spanish language interview with CDWDS head Arthur Roche intrigued me for a few details. First, that a liturgy document on formation is in the works.

(T)wo years ago, the Holy Father asked this Congregation to hold a plenary meeting of all its members to discuss liturgical formation throughout the Church: from bishops to priests and laity. And indeed, a document on this matter is currently being prepared. It may be concretized in a letter to the Church on the importance of formation. What do we do when we gather every Sunday for this celebration. Not just an obligation to do something every week, but what do we do? What do we celebrate at that time?

This has potential. We’ve paid too little attention lately to formation as we’ve concentrated on rubrics. Archbishop Roche agrees with me on that. It’s not really a zero-sum game in liturgical theology. Many of my colleagues, even some clergy, aren’t aware of why we do what we do. Doing the red is easy, especially when it’s not printed in Latin. Cultivating holiness is the work of a mystic and mystagogue. That is a charism.

Second, and possibly more impressive, was how much he references Lumen Gentium and the importance of the holiness of the baptized. 

If we get a good amount of number two, I would retire in 2030 a very happy liturgist.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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