The three-year USCCB Eucharistic Revival began yesterday, or a bit earlier maybe. There’s a website already up. I noticed Notre Dame theologian Tim O’Malley suggesting catechesis alone isn’t going to cut it. His meme is a “Eucharistic culture.” The bishops may not have gotten that memo; the notion of “learn” is fairly prominent:

Bishop Barron started it a few years ago. I think his filmmaking was closer to the ideal approach than his piles of books and indulging the mansplaining subculture of Jordan Peterson and bodybuilders.

Commentariats on Catholic Right sites are already skeptical about this. Bring back the 1962 Missal. Repent for pandemic panic. Impeach Pope Francis. Criticism from other quarters too, especially on the expense of that 2024 Congress.

I wonder how much attention will be given to seminaries to train new clergy to celebrate Mass in a more inspiring way. Preach more effectively on the connection between the Eucharist and life. Develop the arts in parishes instead of writing books and dedicating new websites and social media outlets.

We’ll see how it works in the months ahead. I think we have two rather large obstacles of human invention. One, a lack of unity in the Church. Half a century or more ago, people would have banded together on it. Two, you can’t place Eucharist before Baptism. Most Catholics haven’t solved their baptismal call, and without it …

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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