Desiderio Desideravi 3: On the Verge of Revealing

Looking at Pope Francis’ apostolic letter Desiderio Desideravi, which you can find here. This reflection strikes me as deeply Ignatian:

3. Peter and John were sent to make preparations to eat that Passover, but in actual fact, all of creation, all of history — which at last was on the verge of revealing itself as the history of salvation — was a huge preparation for that Supper.

So, everything: the big bang, the creation of the solar system, the Earth, and all its peoples and cultures was a preparation. The experience of slavery in Egypt and the unshackling of a people and their miraculous deliverance from evil: this was setting the table. A succession of political leaders and prophets and not only their histories and actions, but their poets and wisdom figures as well: the disciples’ preparation was only the culmination of a long pilgrimage, all so God could share his love with is created beings.

Peter and the others are present at that table, unaware and yet necessary. Necessary because every gift, to be gift, must have someone disposed to receive it. In this case, the disproportion between the immensity of the gift and the smallness of the one who receives it is infinite, and it cannot fail to surprise us. Nonetheless, through the mercy of the Lord, the gift is entrusted to the Apostles so that it might be carried to every man and woman.

Of course they were unaware. The whole notion is so utterly fantastic.

This document is copyright © Dicastero per la Comunicazione – Libreria Editrice Vaticana

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