Ignatius in July, 22: Mary of Magdala

See the source imageIn the conclusion to the Ignatian Year, Mary of Magdala might help us with an important insight (or sight) of Jesus. It is her feast today, after all.

I enjoyed this essay from Loretta Pehanich. The summit of her reflection, in the story with Mary who has shared her encounter in the garden:

“Did you tell the Apostles?” I asked, about to fall off the stool as I leaned forward precariously.

“I’ve just come from them, but they did not believe me.” Mary finally sat, and she exhaled heavily. She held her cheeks with both hands before dropping her hands on her crisscrossed legs.

“What do we do next?” I asked with determination. “If the brothers don’t believe you, what can we do?”

Mary pondered. “Let’s pray the way Jesus taught us. Our Father, you who are in heaven…”

We bowed our heads and joined her.

“Peace be with you.”

We looked up. There was Jesus, standing in our midst. Jesus! He was the same and yet different—scarred and bruised, but radiant too.

Holy Mary, Apostle to the Apostles, be with us to show us the radiance of Christ.

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