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Messier Objects

Astronomers from casual to the pros know of “deep-sky objects.” These objects, clearly neither stars nor comets nor planets, began to get notice in telescopes in the 17th to 18th centuries. At first, scientists struggled to explain them. Today, we … Continue reading

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Ministeria Quaedam Coming

It was fifty years ago today that Pope Paul VI upturned the tradition that was Roman Catholic minor orders. The document, Ministeria Quaedam. There is no English translation of this document on the Vatican site, but I did find an English rendering … Continue reading

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Lost Acclamations: The Old A

The credal statement formerly known as Memorial Acclamation A has passed into Catholic history. It still seems to pop up here and there in Christendom. A blogger at a Lutheran Church in Iowa said this: Our confidence comes from knowing … Continue reading

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Desiderio Desideravi 34: The First Practical Task

If Pentecost restores our full humanity (the premise of the previous paragraph) how do we “relate”? 34. In this is posed the decisive question of liturgical formation. Romano Guardini says, “Here too the first practical task is indicated: carried along by … Continue reading

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