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Image result for digital downloadsMore and more, liturgy publishers are promoting the downloading of music from the web. It’s happened a few times: I’ve needed a few extra copies of something for rehearsal. Pay, click, boom: copies are ready.

After some years, I see a significant drawback. Unless I want to be bad cop at church, collecting all copies promptly after Mass, they tend to disappear. Last night was the third time this year for this piece. During Lent, I had copies to spare. Not so last night. Plenty of Bb instrument parts. But alas, no trumpet or clarinet.

I’ve been in touch with a self-published composer. His method is to sell a license for each song. The license includes unlimited copies for singers, instruments, and worship aids. I think I’d pay a bit more for such a license. If for nothing else, to spare myself the nickels, dimes, and time to pick up two or three or ten extra copies on download.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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