On The Tube: Enchantment

Image result for enchantment teresa wrightAfter watching a piece of fluff on streaming, my wife asked why I didn’t like old movies. What gave you that idea, I asked. You keep skipping over them, she said.

I landed my clicker on this one. She didn’t remember seeing it, and I didn’t either, so we settled.

I noticed an advertisement for it being “just about the most wonderful love story ever filmed.” Not sure I would agree. It was a good movie, and the strangest memory as I was watching the final scene. I mentioned to my wife I’d seen this ending before, so she asked me if it was sad like the flashback love story.

My recollection is that I watched this movie with my parents when I was a boy. At least I remember my dad remarking on it. A strange remembrance from maybe fifty years ago. Also that my father was something of a closet romantic. His favored tv fare was usually golf, westerns, and WW2 viewing. It didn’t include chick flicks. (Which I would say this was a good example of a postwar effort in that genre.)

Seen it?

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2 Responses to On The Tube: Enchantment

  1. Liam says:

    Teresa Wright means a film is worth watching.

    • Todd says:

      Agreed. She was luminous in this. I found the writing for her and Evelyn Keyes to be a little problematic in spots. The Lark and Rollo characters are a bit immature. That’s okay. The shot of Ms Wright over Mr Niven’s shoulder is how men imagine women fall for them. Not how women fall. Or fell, in the 1940s. Ms Keyes can rush and be frantic in the last scene without coming to tears. I commented to my wife that if this were a hallmark movie then Serena would have also found a love and lightened up at the end.

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