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Funeral Lectionary: Isaiah 29:16-19

Well over a decade ago, we looked at funeral readings. The page is still here. Looking at the Liturgy of the Word prepared for Pope Benedict’s funeral, I noticed a passage of interest from Isaiah. It’s not in any funeral … Continue reading

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Sacramentum Caritatis 3: Development

Pope Benedict gives us a very brief overview of (t)he development of the eucharistic rite: 3. If we consider the bimillenary history of God’s Church, guided by the wisdom of the Holy Spirit, we can gratefully admire the orderly development … Continue reading

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DSCAP 41: An Outline of the Order of Celebration

The Directory lays out how a Sunday Celebration in the Absence of a Priest is to proceed. 41. The following is an outline of the elements of the celebration. a. Introductory rites. The purpose of these is to form the … Continue reading

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