On The Tube: Green Planet

As you can see, our younger cat, Miranda, enjoys watching nature on tv. My wife has been catching her interest in the mornings with birds on YouTube.

Apparently, David Attenborough and his new series The Green Planet is also prime cat viewing.

This is an excellent successor to my favorite Attenborough series of all time. The drone technology and development in time lapse cinematography take the documentary effort on plants to astonishing levels. Simply astonishing.

Time lapse filming reveals plants for being mobile, competitive, and extremely aware of their environment. Species were illustrated responding to attack from insects and other plants, and showed the ability to resist and even poison aggressors. Maybe we humans should consider ourselves lucky we don’t rely on leaf cutting or fungi or other attempts at wild harvesting.

As with his recent efforts, there is a modest amount of preaching on climate change, but he demonstrates the case quite well.

Strongly recommended. Maybe for your cat, too.

About catholicsensibility

Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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