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Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.

Ten Years Ago Here I

Every so often, I check back on what went up here at this site. I was struck by Neil’s offering ten years ago today, citing Rabbi Jonathan Sacks on people (of faith or not) getting along (or not). Secularisation, the great movement … Continue reading

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Looking At Liturgy In Unleash The Gospel II

From Detroit this Pentecost, Archbishop Allen Vigneron released a pastoral letter, Unleash The Gospel. He mainly addresses the contemporary Church’s enormous need to recover a spirit of evangelization. And indeed, much much more than a spirit. His letter includes a plan … Continue reading

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More Than An Octave

This time of year the discussion pops up in traditional-leaning Catholic circles. What happened to the Pentecost octave? Isn’t it a horrible thing it’s gone? A few of my facebook friends have opined on this and I’ve commented there. Just … Continue reading

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Looking At Liturgy In Unleash The Gospel I

From Detroit this Pentecost, a much-noticed pastoral letter, Unleash The Gospel. Archbishop Allen Vigneron zeroes in on the Church’s enormous need and challenge: evangelization. I could go into detail on this document–and there are many excellent details to read and … Continue reading

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On Climate

When I changed majors halfway through college from straight biology to biology-geology, I had an opportunity to enroll in a summer course after sophomore year, GEO 204. I don’t remember the title, but it was about climatology. We focused a lot on ice … Continue reading

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Dual Role

I was lurking on another site and saw a piece of some interest, a discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of playing a dual role as conductor and accompanist. It’s personally relevant because I bounce between these roles on occasion. … Continue reading

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First Name Basis

Commentators have noticed a vector toward informality in American culture. Clothing is one bit that comes to mind. I wore a dress shirt and tie to Mass in my early Catholic days (1970 to 72-ish). I wasn’t alone, but I … Continue reading

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