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Todd and his family live in Ames, Iowa. He serves a Catholic parish of both Iowa State students and town residents.

Trading Control Panel for Shepherd’s Staff

A confluence of two stories today struck me. First, Pope Francis on the relationship between bishops and lay people in a talk Rocco labelled “Pastors, Not Pilots.” Read, please: In reality, the laity who have an authentic Christian formation shouldn’t … Continue reading

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Not So Alien

Nice narrative on BBC about the origins of Earth’s oceans. For me, I’d rather see a little more evidence on the premise. Science has waffled back and forth on this point for awhile. But I think “alien” origins of water … Continue reading

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PS 29: The Passion Sunday Procession

Remember, you can check the full document Paschale Solemnitatis on this site, among many on the internet. If Passion Sunday is notable for what people “get,” namely a green branch, the liturgical highlight is the procession after the proclamation of … Continue reading

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On My Bookshelf: The Housekeeper and the Professor

I was chatting with one of the library staff last week, lamenting (as usual) about the lack of good science fiction on their shelves that I haven’t read. I’d like a different kind of book, I mused out loud. My … Continue reading

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Humanae Vitae 26: Family Apostolate

Humanae Vitae is online at the Vatican site, and the text highlighted below is © Copyright – Libreria Editrice Vaticana. 26. Among the fruits that ripen if the law of God be resolutely obeyed, the most precious is certainly this, … Continue reading

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Confusing Charity and Justice, Again

Ross Douthat is well-regarded across the political spectrum for his writing and thoughtfulness. As for me, I prefer writers who produce fiction to those of non-fiction. One basic test of Catholic thoughtfulness is the ability ad willingness to distinguish between … Continue reading

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PS 28: Passion Sunday

Remember, you can check the full document Paschale Solemnitatis on this site, among many on the internet. Sections 28 through 34 treat Passion Sunday, and we’ll consider it for the next several days. Your comments, of course, are always welcome. Section … Continue reading

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