Bible Readings For Your Wedding

Getting married in a Catholic church? Ordinarily you’ll be asked to select three Scripture readings for the liturgy. One from the Old Testament, and two from the New. Of those two, one will always be from one of the four gospels, and the other from one of the other books of the NT.

Presented here in easy-to-reference format, are the choices for wedding readings. They include a basic commentary geared more to the couple and less to advanced Scripture study. I hope that will be helpful.

If you have questions, you can discuss in the comboxes or e-mail me for a more direct answer. If you choose the latter, I recommend contacting me at my church office, where I keep more resources on hand to assist.

Old Testament readings (choose one):

Psalm (choose one):

New Testament (choose one non-Gospel reading):

Gospel readings (choose one):

12 Responses to Bible Readings For Your Wedding

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  2. Jamie says:

    Thanks for all the great ideas I could sure use some, as my wedding draws near. :)

    A great wedding graphic just came through my twitter feed. It’s a wedding photography guide for brides and thought it would be something that you would like to post for your visitors.

    Hope you like it, and find it helpful, I know I did (as a soon to be bride).


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  4. SimonAlexander says:


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  5. Bonnie Caumo says:

    my neice is getting married oct 27 not in the catholic church .can you rec.a prayer or a reading that I could do without offending some of the wedding party ?

    • Todd says:

      Without knowing family or religion issues, it’s hard to predict what might be offensive. 1 Cor 13 is read for a lot of weddings. Jesus’ teaching the Beatitudes, Matthew 5. And for the Old Testament, perhaps Genesis 2. The royal wedding in England used Romans 12–that’s become popular since Prince William and Princess Kate chose it.

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  7. Helen says:

    Any readings particularly suitable for a wedding to be held just after Christmas (29th December)? Thanks :)

  8. Vita says:

    I plan to marry Dec. 27, 2014. We feel the story of Rebekah and Isaac suits my grooms situation of grieving for his mother. Would this be appropriate.

  9. Him says:

    I’ve been wondering: are these the *only* acceptable choices? I’ve had a number of couples interested in using Ps. 118, for instance, because of its particularly joyful refrain.

    • Todd says:

      I have played the two Easter psalms, 118 and 66, for weddings. I think they are acceptable. The only sticking point might be a music director or pastor who insists on going “by the book.” I think a few other psalms outside of the Seven would be agreeable. Perhaps even the Magnificat.

  10. Jessica says:

    I am getting married on a saturday during lent, while i know that alleluia can’t be said, are there other no-no’s I should be aware of? I am leaning towards Tobit 8, psalm 145, 1 john 4, and john 2. Am I ok?

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