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Adoption in English Group 4

I checked the final small group reports for mentions of adoption. Two groups hit the topic. This paragraph in English #4 for starters: In the section on adoption, some discussion ensued about the right of a child to have both … Continue reading

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@ Synod15: Adoption and Foster Parenting

Rocco whispered on proposed edits to the synod’s instrumentum laboris. Behold, a whole section on “Adoption and Foster Parenting.” The start is worth reading. First because of the acknowledgement of the problem of children who lack families: 138. To provide … Continue reading

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Family Fail

Did a conference break out at Pope Francis’s appearance in Philadelphia? A mixed review is here. In addition to the criticisms mentioned, no workshop on adoption. Big miss. The perspective of family is easy when one is a fertile parent. … Continue reading

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Some Elaboration on “A Particular Fruitfulness”

The instrumentum laboris of the Fall’s Rome synod is out in English here. You won’t see a section-by-section treatment on this site. The final result of the family synod is likely to be far different from the plan the Church … Continue reading

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Adoption Message for the Day

I see another Crisis essay on “traditional” marriage here, focusing, as the Right often does, on using children to tug at heartstrings or gall bladder to whip up concern about lesbian or gay people wanting some legal protection. Pope Francis … Continue reading

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Missing the Bus On Adoption

Phyllis Zagano gets it totally wrong at NCRep. In trying to be fair, she misses big time on two counts: 1. Catholic agencies really do not (or should not) need government money to do their job. 2. Catholic agencies, if … Continue reading

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Adoption The Issue, Not The Tool

I’ve already posted my disappointment that the only mention of adoption in the Instrumentum Laboris for next month’s synod is in connection with same-sex couples. Until I see more discussion and interest in discussing adoption as its own issue, I … Continue reading

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