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Teens Bring The Smackdown

Saw this piece referenced on David Gibson’s RNS Roundup. Despite a “This is not going to end well” assessment, it was a good thing DeLaSalle High School kids pushed back against a political message delivered by archdiocesan presenters. I’m not … Continue reading

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Blindness To The Opportunity, The Charity, The Grace

I still get a strong vibe on the cognitive disconnect in adoption discussions in some pro-life circles. On a recent St Blog’s thread, someone didn’t like my insinuation that the tendency to adopt infants is a sign that parents see … Continue reading

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Failing Grades All Around for Illinois Adoptions

Give them all an “F,” a dunce cap, and enroll them to academic probation. That’s my verdict on the main foster/adoption players in Illinois. Readers here know my reasons for flunking the Church. It has allowed an anti-gay mist to … Continue reading

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Why The Bishops Are Very Wrong On Adoption

In replying to FrMichael below, I realized my response was heading to essay-length. In addition, I want to make clear some basic parameters from which I work. I don’t believe that adoption should be invoked to drum up opposition to … Continue reading

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Bishop Advocates Words Not Actions

A curious thing or two from Oakland bishop Salvatore J. Cordileone at the USCCB meeting. According to CNS, he “urged his fellow bishops June 15 to fight back in the war of words over efforts to redefine traditional marriage.” Words? … Continue reading

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The Adoption Wedge

I could respect a decision of conscience like this or this if either diocese were willing to own up to the real reason old-style adoption services were being dropped. In my own diocese, a Catholic Charities counsellor reported helping in … Continue reading

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What’s Missing?

Liam sent me an e-mail Saturday. The relevant text and links are as follows: Andrew Sullivan this week has had a running series of threads called The Missing, which has developed into a discussion about adoption in our culture.  I … Continue reading

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