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On My Bookshelf: The Interstellar Age

I endorse Jim Bell’s The Interstellar Age as an accessible and enjoyable read. He explores the unfolding story of the Voyager probes that expanded human knowledge of the outer solar system. He was there for some of it as a Caltech student … Continue reading

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Asteroid Romero

Asteroid number 13703 was renamed for Oscar Romero. An interesting quote from Rome Reports: The humble Romero has now received another unique distinction: a small planet has been named after him. (Although it may actually be an asteroid, because it’s … Continue reading

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The Astronomy Picture of the Day site is a daily visit for me. It’s one of the few non-blogs on the sidebar down there to the right. I love today’s image of the moon passing between Earth and the Deep Space … Continue reading

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Jesuit Philately

After nearly a month with mostly daily posts on Ignatian spirituality, here’s something different: Jesuits on stamps. Right, Belgium honors one of their own, Georges Lemaitre, “Father of the Big Bang Theory.” Not the tv show, but the actual theory. … Continue reading

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Many Things Pluto

There’s a good summary of what we know about Pluto here at Universe Today. Among the interesting bits from history: The Lowell Observatory had captured images of Pluto in 1915, but it went unnoticed for another fifteen years until Clyde Tombaugh’s … Continue reading

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The Star and Compassion

Do any of you readers know Arthur C. Clarke’s short story “The Star”? A Jesuit priest is troubled by the discovery that the Star of Bethlehem was a supernova that destroyed a civilization. He asks his God: … there were so … Continue reading

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By Pluto

The New Horizons probe has signaled it has “survived” its flyby of Pluto. One concern was that the probe might have hit a yet-to-be-discovered ring some thousands of miles above the surface. During the hours of close proximity to Pluto … Continue reading

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