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Making the case for better science education. 57 equals minus-81.

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Pope Francis Meets The Astronomers

Sounds like a title of a children’s book. But it’s the one sentence descriptor of his encounter with students and faculty from the Vatican Observatory’s School in Astrophysics, a summer school akin to mine here in Omaha. Different topic, is all. … Continue reading

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Camelopardalis: Inside the Spots

I did not stay up to view the rocky debris that appeared to originate from the northern sky the other night. Universe Today has this detailed report from Minnesota. The Camelopardalid meteor shower may be new, but I have known … Continue reading

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I See No Blood Upon The Moon

I hadn’t realized there was such a fuss about this morning’s eclipse. Of course the moon turns red. That’s a good sign: the Earth possesses an atmosphere. A black moon would be trouble–it would mean someone sucked all the air … Continue reading

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Looking Up At Two Crosses

Did you know there are two crosses in Earth’s sky? This image from Astronomy Picture of the Day today captures both of them. But you have to get as far south as Hawaii. We talked about one of the crosses … Continue reading

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Cosmos Episode 4: Telescope as Time Machine

I’m falling behind in regular viewing of the Cosmos reboot with Neil DeGrasse Tyson. My wife and I viewed the 4th episode earlier tonight. Telescope as time machine: very true and accurate premise, but not everybody thinks in this way. … Continue reading

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On My Bookshelf: Dreams of Other Worlds

This is a good tome if you are looking for well-written astronomy books that are comprehensible to the average intelligent reader. (I’m thinking people who are or were comfortable with high school-level science.) Each chapter is devoted to one space mission, … Continue reading

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