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Things That Happened Fast

1. The expansion of the early universe. 2. Newark priest banished to the lay state. The earlier event pumps some life into the cosmology branch of astronomy. Exoplanets were getting a lot of attention. But scientists win the Nobel Prize … Continue reading

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Cosmos, The Next Generation

I’ve been noticing the advance media (like here) on the Cosmos reboot one-third of a century after Carl Sagan popularized astronomy for the tv masses. It’s a good idea. Neil deGrasse Tyson is the right choice to front the show. … Continue reading

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Small Planets

These are small planets, relatively speaking. 715 confirmed. A bounty larger than any single discovery in space. I don’t think a passel of comets or asteroids this large has ever been announced. These planets are smaller than Neptune and bigger … Continue reading

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Just a Little Hot Weather

The latest story of astronomy curiosity is the mapping of clouds on the nearest brown dwarf, Luhman 16B, only 40 trillion miles away*. Universe Today has an in-depth feature. The weather report of 1700-degree winds and iron rain is considered … Continue reading

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Deep Life

If my Catholic friends and foils think I’m an outlier for asking difficult questions and goring sacred cows like Gregorian propers, you should also know I take the same approach to the discussion of life beyond Earth. I don’t think … Continue reading

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Driving home tonight from the parish, the crescent moon hung in the southwestern sky. Venus below. Nice photo at UT showing both the moon and the much smaller crescent Venus. By the time of this writing, you might think about … Continue reading

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On My Bookshelf: Five Billion Years of Solitude

Lee Billings has written a very worthy first book, one of the best science volumes I have ever read. This young science journalist manages to describe the search for life in the universe with intelligence–but unburdened by technical details. One … Continue reading

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