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That’s 16:18

A need for Biblical literacy, or just a double typo? There is a need to pay more attention to both how we present Scripture and how we handle social media.

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Racism In Oakland

I saw this piece in my morning news feed. (I wonder how the magical all-knowing google knows to connect me to a combination of racism and Catholic.) In an emotional, 13-minute video posted on Facebook on June 14, McAleenan, who is white, … Continue reading

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At PrayTell, I read about a news item of interest to liturgy folks, especially if they fall under the traditionalist umbrella. Apparently, the CDF (not the CDWDS) is polling the world’s bishops to assess the 2007 loosening of the celebration … Continue reading

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Speedy Retirement

It is fairly well known that bishops send a retirement request to Rome at a set time in their lives. Many pundits comment on the speed with which that request is granted. That would seem to be a bellwether on … Continue reading

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Making It Up As We Go Along

As of this morning, it seems our pope emeritus isn’t pleased his name was attached to that book on celibacy. Take it off, he instructs. That will certainly put an interesting twist on various interpretations con and pro coming from … Continue reading

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The Flu, Bishop-splained

In my older years, I generally find bishops more and more sound and sensible. However, every so often something like this comes along. So I wonder: are active lay Catholics incapable of making these decisions themselves? Why not issue white … Continue reading

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Now And Future Bishops, And Prayers

For the second time this month, I see a bishop has gone away for personal care and healing. Earlier this year, my archbishop was granted a request for early retirement. He would make three. That I know of. Who knows … Continue reading

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Follow The Money

If you thought Fulton Sheen’s sainthood delay was a sorrow, I think I can suggest a cleric who will never be cited in a future Roman martyrology: Joseph Ratzinger, the recipient of the biggest chunk of largesse from the retired, … Continue reading

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I see the Sheen Beatification Adventure has taken a new twist or two. Nosy people have outed the Diocese of Rochester and its bishop as the source of concern heard and noted at Rome for the sainthood cause of their … Continue reading

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“It’s (Almost) Over”

It’s been whispered that a bishop will resign in Buffalo the day after tomorrow. With western NY Catholics polling six-to-one in favor of Bishop Malone vacating the see, this must be a relief. Even among the bishop’s supporters. We had … Continue reading

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Not An Exit Strategy

I read this story where Cardinal Turkson is bothered by the cloud hanging over the Church. Turkson told attendees he glimpsed the impact of the scandals during the 2012 International Eucharistic Congress and the 2018 World Meeting of Families, both … Continue reading

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Buffalo Upgrades To Visitation

When I was involved in church stuff in nearby Rochester, we didn’t hear much from the Diocese of Buffalo. Today I noticed an apostolic visitation is coming. With the allegations of covering up sex abuse and intimidation, a Vos Estis … Continue reading

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Moral Heterodoxy

Buffalo looks on track to be the next Kansas City/St Joseph and Minneapolis-St Paul, having one or two bishops removed from office. The metropolitan bishop in New York seems to be engaged in an investigation. In addition, the auxiliary bishop … Continue reading

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No Big House

A few post-conciliar bishops forsook the mansion life, ending up in a nursing home, rotating parish rectories, seminaries, and even a humble apartment here and there. The culturewar shifted that focus a bit. It seems my new archbishop is bringing … Continue reading

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Shift In Shepherds

The transition in my diocese appears to be complete today. Pope Francis has accepted the resignation of Archbishop Sartain, and our co-adjutor (he blogs here) has a full and permanent appointment. I noticed a contrast in two news releases from … Continue reading

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