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Synod Wraps

Synod15 is more or less done. Father Louis Cameli has five suggestions for future efforts, and I like numbers 2 and 4. Moving the synod to a monastery or a place of retreat sounds about right to me. More theologians … Continue reading

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Phobos and Deimos Orbiting Synod15

I have tuned in a few times to Archbishop Coleridge’s site, including today’s update from the synod. When he described his recent experience with the rigorists, I was thinking of the nomenclature for the moons of Mars. The archbishop has … Continue reading

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What A Difference A Decade Makes

Ten years ago today, I linked John Allen quoting a bishop about the 2005 synod. I wonder why in the hell they brought us here and put us through all this, to say absolutely nothing more than what has been … Continue reading

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Not A Straight Line

I was struck by a story Archbishop Cupich realted in his press conference. It reads: There was a priest who told me some years ago that he was doing a funeral a young man who had committed suicide. He was … Continue reading

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Synod15 Stage Two

Reports on part Two of the synod’s instrumentum laboris are out. Interesting reading. Summary of all language groups here. Individual small group discussions are summarized here. At least two groups mentioned the book of Tobit, grossly underutilized in the Church’s … Continue reading

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Complaint And Content

I see Sandro Magister leaked a document of complaint about synod15 procedures and focus. On the latter: (V)arious fathers have expressed concern that a synod designed to address a vital pastoral matter – reinforcing the dignity of marriage and family … Continue reading

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@ Synod15: Adoption and Foster Parenting

Rocco whispered on proposed edits to the synod’s instrumentum laboris. Behold, a whole section on “Adoption and Foster Parenting.” The start is worth reading. First because of the acknowledgement of the problem of children who lack families: 138. To provide … Continue reading

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