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Scenes From Christmas Eve

So, there’s this warm-up in the rehearsal room before the first Mass yesterday. I want to see if my smallish choir can pull off an a cappella piece. We’re doing it for the Christmas Eve prelude, but it’s really suitable … Continue reading

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Blessed Christmas To All

Enable us, Lord, to celebrate this luminous feast in peace, forsaking all idle words, acting virtuously, shunning our sins, as you raise us above the darkness of this world. ¬† May we celebrate your birth, and the Father who sent … Continue reading

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On Christmas Eve

I’ve remarked on social media my bemusement on the “obligation” that lies heavily on Catholics to come to two Masses this weekend. It’s not so much that my routine is five, and Christmas adds but three more and gives me … Continue reading

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December Colors

One of the seasonal tussles of which we see less in some circles thanks to the war on the war on Christmas is over the proper colors for decorations. As most every Catholic knows, before December 24th evening the right … Continue reading

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Christmas Tree Cluster

Blessings to all readers, friends, companions on this holy feast. Stars, keep the watch when night is dim One more light the bowl shall brim Shining beyond the frosty weather Bright as sun and moon together. (Eleanor Farjeon) Image credit.

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When Sunday and Christmas Collide

I think I can guess¬†that nobody is keeping their Sunday schedule for Christmas. Unless your parish only gets a Saturday Mass. It’s a given that Big Christmas for Catholics has shifted from midnight to the earliest Eve Mass. Why lament … Continue reading

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Depicting Santa in Modern Movies

I watched the first half of a truly bad Christmas movie last night. Then I went to bed, uninterested in how it turned out. How bad? Santa’s daughter takes her beau to the roof to watch the northern lights. The … Continue reading

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