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Why Churches Can’t Come Back Quick: Ushers

I’m not privy to discussions among bishops and other church leaders with state and local governments. By initiating this series, I’m relying on observations and some guesswork. The observations arise from forty years in parish ministry, most of that as … Continue reading

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The Daily Christian: Rosary

This may be the most frequent daily practice, at least for Catholics. The number of Hail Mary prayers in the original three sets of mysteries equaled the number of psalms. Some union with monasteries might have been a motivation. Some … Continue reading

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At PrayTell, I read about a news item of interest to liturgy folks, especially if they fall under the traditionalist umbrella. Apparently, the CDF (not the CDWDS) is polling the world’s bishops to assess the 2007 loosening of the celebration … Continue reading

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On Hate Porn

Blogger Rebecca Hamilton offers a devastating critique of some elements of Catholicism here. She speaks of the agitation for public Masses as a form of “hate porn.” I think the “hate” fits the discussion thread I linked last Friday. While … Continue reading

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Working In Exile

Here’s the view from my “home office” window. A gray day, but full of promise for Spring. I find it requires discipline to get church tasks done here. Just today, interruptions for receiving a grocery run, a package delivery, a … Continue reading

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Giving Christianity A Bad Name

Or maybe this pastor is trying to attract “indestructible” twenty-somethings to church. I read that some were clamoring for his arrest. Maybe that takes it too far. The dox phenomenon seems to work well enough. It was also interesting to … Continue reading

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Easter Stays Put

Guidance from the CDWDS is out. I’ve seen a little fuss here and there on social media about the directive not to move the date of Easter. I don’t have a problem with that order. One factor is moving Easter … Continue reading

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