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On Heresy, The New Kind

I don’t think you saw quite as much of this in the old days*, a discussion getting shut down outright instead of just banning all the liberals. Blogger Dave Armstrong asks in his title, “Is Pope Francis A Heretic?” My online … Continue reading

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Cardinal Shift

I nearly missed this news. “To heal Newark” is part of Rocco’s headline. That’s a good story for the people of Northern New Jersey. Bishops, archbishops, and now even a cardinal-to-be routinely switch from auxiliary slots to smaller dioceses as … Continue reading

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New Cardinals

It’s been some time since I got excited about the College of Cardinals. I’ve long thought that how cardinals were chosen needed some upgrading. Lay people and women, please. But if they needed to be bishops, then the best bishops, … Continue reading

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Rabbis on Christianity

One of my facebook friends posted this news on a statement from Orthodox Jewish rabbis on Christianity. Catholicism got a special shout-out: We recognize that since the Second Vatican Council the official teachings of the Catholic Church about Judaism have … Continue reading

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Clarification, and Reform2 Too

Some clarification from the Vatican on Cardinal Sarah. Translation from the Italian is here. From the press release: There are not, therefore, any new liturgical directives beginning next Advent as some have wrongly inferred from the words of Cardinal Sarah, … Continue reading

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Appointment for Bishops

With the appointment of Archbishop Cupich to the Congregation of Bishops, does this mean we’ll be seeing a sea change in those who head American sees? More bishops aligned with the priorities of Pope Francis? That’s what most people seem … Continue reading

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Recommending East

Frequent commenter Melody asked about this a bit earlier. I’ve seen it on Facebook and at PrayTell. So a few things come to mind. First, the hosting organization is solidly in the traditional/pre-conciliar camp. So if Cardinal Sarah gets “prolonged … Continue reading

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