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Communion But No Mass

Liam alerted me to a development in a diocese nearby to me. (I)n the absence of a priest to offer Mass, the distribution of Holy Communion on weekdays in the parish church during a “Communion service” will no longer be … Continue reading

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I have been following the Church situation in Chile, but not closely enough to know if this news of a mass resignation of bishops is a gesture, a confession, or a natural consequence of some Vatican process with Pope Francis. … Continue reading

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Cardinal Charges

I see one of Pope Francis’ Gang-of-9 is heading to trial. Rocco sums it up here. An overview from a source on the ground Down Under is here. The Church struggles no less in Australia, and this continuing and unfolding … Continue reading

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Alfie Evans

So, a very ill child has died in Liverpool. It’s a case that has stirred up many keystrokes in social media, and a combination of heartache, heartburn, and heartless politicization. A brief summary at all things wiki is here. The … Continue reading

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Pope Francis And The Two Sons

So, this is a thing at least one place on facebook. Pope Francis offers an age-appropriate message to a weeping child about the death of his father. Some Catholics, being more Catholic than the pope, beg to differ. After receiving … Continue reading

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Helly Week

Holy Week has become “helly” week. A few of my Catholic Right facebook friends and their contacts are in Aha! We-Told-You-So ecstasy with reports that Pope Francis has denied the existence of hell. First, I’m not sure the power of … Continue reading

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Of Mascots, Sports, Symbols, and History

A facebook friend who, I believe, is not a Holy Cross alum, commented on the decision of that university to distance itself from the Crusades via its mascots and sports identifier: We castrate and bid the geldings be fruitful. I … Continue reading

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