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An Answer To A Question

This response answers the question I’ve asked many times (like here or here or here) on this site: What if we didn’t fire the person? Sometimes the answer is obvious. A person with authority continues to manipulate and abuse younger … Continue reading

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On The Lord’s Prayer: Why Words Aren’t Important

I saw a Fox News headline arrive in my newsfeed about Pope Francis changing the words of the Lord’s Prayer. Interesting, I thought. When was the Fox interested in what was going on in Italy? I could lament about the … Continue reading

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Child of Viganò

A facebook friend alerted me to this Crux piece on a report published by Anthony Figueiredo, a Newark diocesan priest, Rome resident, and occasional travel aide for ex-cardinal Theodore McCarrick. The source confirms some sort of restriction in place–the former … Continue reading

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Pope Benedict’s F

I noticed a letter from Pope Benedict XVI released last night. I took a brief look at it, then spent a bit more time with it today. It’s a frustrating read. I understand complaints about 1968, and about moving forward … Continue reading

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Of A Number Or Two

My parish often sings the Psalm setting from a section of our missal apart from the readings. In this year’s annual edition, Psalm 80 is number 777, and we utilized it this past weekend for the fourth Sunday of Advent. … Continue reading

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Burning Banners

Seems like there’s more to the story than just a priest who links burning rainbow banners with exorcisms, calls for the pope to resign, and gets booted from a wedding at the last minute. I did check a link to … Continue reading

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A Bishop Withdraws

It saddens me but doesn’t surprise me that a bishop like Robert Morneau would withdraw from public ministry for mishandling a case of child sexual abuse. I have a deep respect for the man as a spiritual guide–mainly through his … Continue reading

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