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Two Popes, A Book, and a Letter

This story rather confirms that maybe VNO #2 is a better choice for observing a pope’s anniversary than a controversial situation that attaches a letter to a book. Speaking as a composer, I hope I’m dead before my protégés decide … Continue reading

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CNN on Five Years

I notice one major news outlet observing Pope Francis’ anniversary with commentary on conservative opposition. The journalist cites religious right-wing think tanker Benjamin Harnwell: I now understand how liberals in the church felt under the pontificates of John Paul II and … Continue reading

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Ms Markle’s Initiation

In news reports yesterday, I did notice a high profile Baptism/Confirmation in the Anglican Church. Commentary and quotes here. It’s always interesting to see what Catholic journalists make of such things. From the Aleteia report: Additionally, the water used for … Continue reading

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German Intercommunion

On a friend’s facebook post, some discussion this bit of blog-gossip from Edward Pentin at the NCReg: German bishops have voted “overwhelmingly” in favour of producing a “guide” for Protestant spouses on reception of Holy Communion under certain conditions. At … Continue reading

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A Theologian Resigns

I see some concern on the part of a high-ranking USCCB theologian/employee being asked to submit his resignation. Story here. I’ve blogged on Fr Weinandy a few times in the past, but not in several years, not since the 2011 … Continue reading

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Magnum Principium

Pope Francis enters the liturgical translation fray altering canon 838 and hands off to the conferences of bishops. Since he’s on a visit to Colombia, this was supposedly a surprise. Rita Ferrone at PrayTell: If the bishops say “no” in … Continue reading

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Spiders and Snakes

I saw the Canadian kerfuffle over a mechanical spider perched on a cathedral. LotR notwithstanding, I wasn’t aware of the spider being a particularly Christian symbol of evil. But some Catholics objected: disturbing, disappointing and even shameful Others found no … Continue reading

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