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What Pope Francis Intends On Abortion Forgiveness

Lots of commentary today to overshadow the observance of the day for the care of all creation, not the least of which is Pope Francis’s announcement on forgiving abortion. Where John Allen sees a “double-play,” and Ed Peters is “less … Continue reading

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The Arc From Canon Law To Astrophysics

Rocco whispered on the new rector at Mundelein Seminary. Chicago press release here. Until recently, it seemed one had to have a canon law degree to move upward in the Church. Father Kartje seems like a capable priest and spiritual … Continue reading

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PF Popularity

Pope Francis approval ratings in the US take a dive. I suspect the Holy Father doesn’t mind, if he has even caught wind of the news. Likely ditto for at least the previous two popes. The three of them and … Continue reading

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New Bishops

Liam broke the news here, and Deacon Greg includes a statement from the bishop-elect here. Our frequent commenter mentions that Pope Francis has avoided sending new bishops to places without personal connections. I’m sure anything written by someone other than … Continue reading

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Ten Quotes

… cited here, along with some fine images, as one expects from National Geographic. Do you think the One made it? Have your own one favorite quote? If so, the boxes are yours.

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NG on PF

Rocco whispered the National Geographic feature on Pope Francis. It’s a smartly written piece, and it asks the question will PF change the Vatican or will it be the other way around? I suspect we have the answer to that. … Continue reading

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Stop the Echoes

The news from the Twin Cities is stunning for the timing so close to last week’s announcement of bishop accountability. But the archdiocese is already paying the cost: literally through bankruptcy, morale-wise through horrific stories of misconduct and illegal activities, … Continue reading

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