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120 to 140

It was whispered that Pope Francis is considering adding 20 voting cardinals. I can see the spinning that might follow from that. On the other hand, at one point no cardinals selected the pope. Things change, right?

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Curious Case Concludes

Grant Gallicho’s series on Carlos Urrutigoity concludes at dotCommonweal today. You may recall that famous renegade priest who peppered an experience of sleeping with male teens and men within a career as a self-styled rigorist within traditional Catholicism. The man surfaced … Continue reading

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Curia Criticism

I notice a lot of commentary on the pope’s Christmas speech to the curia. Perhaps an unexpected piece of support was from that radical, Walter Kasper, who views Pope Francis as a “Jesuit spiritual guide”: The fundamental thing is he wants … Continue reading

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Money: Fr Frank’s Banana Peel?

A conflation of two headlines … First, Fr Frank Pavone is on the hot seat with his fourth bishop. Second, Pope Francis raises concern with his banana peel statement: And sometimes, I confess something to you, when I have seen … Continue reading

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“Public Suicide”

Rocco didn’t pull any punches in the report on Cardinal Burke: Then again, following the cardinal’s recent comments that the church under Francis “is like a ship without a rudder” and affirming “the risk” of a schism over the Pope’s … Continue reading

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Rigorists On Their Heels

Do they Suffice it to say this sort of wind would never have blown through the Church in the period 1991-2013. People are openly questioning the administration of the sacraments to another group of public sinners, and suddenly, two millennia … Continue reading

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Going Further

After I read Cardinal Nichols’ brief pastoral letter on the recent family synod, I got the idea Pope Francis is operating on a totally different plane from some of his critics. Cardinal Nichols pooh-poohs the idea the synod was a … Continue reading

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