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Calibration Cent

This might be the only chance I’ll ever get to post one piece in the two categories of astronomy and coins. Universe Today picked up the story of a 1909 Lincoln Cent being mounted on a calibration target on the … Continue reading

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1931: Another “Good” Year

Experienced coin collectors know that a depression, panic, or recession often has an effect on mintage figures. When I was a boy, I didn’t always make the connection that coins of the early 1930’s were hard to find, or priced … Continue reading

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Continental Dollar: Mind Your Business

  As the Continental Congress was emboldened to declare independence, it also made plans to issue its own money. Ben Franklin provided the design–including that cheeky motto. And some rich folk contributed silver, brass, and pewter for some pattern strikes. … Continue reading

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A Bit of Americana

Before you buy that slice of apple pie today, reflect a moment before you hand over that $2 bill.

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JP2 Coin

The Polish mint has produced many coins depicting their native son pope over the years. The latest is this 1000 zloty piece (face value over $300) in gold, honoring this year’s beatification. Somewhat imiliar to this earlier design from 1982, … Continue reading

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1909 S

Gold, and to a lesser extent, silver, had been the primary work of federal government’s branch mint in California since 1852. They had to do something with all the precious metal they were finding in pans and such. Rather than … Continue reading

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Vatican 50 Cent

While not a member of the European Union, Vatican City does mint EU coins. The EU has told the Vatican to more than double its annual production of coins from €1,074,000 to €2,300,000.  Part of the agreement includes a stipulation … Continue reading

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