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JP2 Coin

The Polish mint has produced many coins depicting their native son pope over the years. The latest is this 1000 zloty piece (face value over $300) in gold, honoring this year’s beatification. Somewhat imiliar to this earlier design from 1982, … Continue reading

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1909 S

Gold, and to a lesser extent, silver, had been the primary work of federal government’s branch mint in California since 1852. They had to do something with all the precious metal they were finding in pans and such. Rather than … Continue reading

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Vatican 50 Cent

While not a member of the European Union, Vatican City does mint EU coins. The EU has told the Vatican to more than double its annual production of coins from €1,074,000 to €2,300,000.  Part of the agreement includes a stipulation … Continue reading

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A Fancy Toilet

Has anybody found any of the new quarters in pocket change yet? With the economy in the tank, coin production continues to slip downward. I’ve only found two, and had to pass one on to the young miss. I like … Continue reading

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Designing Money

The latest issue of Coin World showed the new design for the $100 FRN (above, compared to the current, below). About a dozen shots of the printing and details, too. I commented to the young miss that they’re giving counterfeiters … Continue reading

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Palin Expertise On Coins

I missed this piece when it came out. With all the internet fussing about how ignorant the press (and others) are about Catholicism, and with me going on my usual meme: it’s not just religion, but science, history, geography, classical … Continue reading

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Making Cents of the Economy

Serious coin collectors search for “key dates” in series of coins. These are years in which mintages were low, resulting in a relative scarcity. Often low mintages point to financial upheaval within the nation. (I’m still looking for a nice … Continue reading

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