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Snowflakes Everywhere

As I keep attempting to converse with Max, human interaction is often about context. The Anchoress fusses on super-sensitivity, “snowflake students.” It seems it was one student, who had a personal problem with the sub-unit of rape in pagan mythology. … Continue reading

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Church Wins

The 30-day blackout is lifted, and David Gibson reports on LCWR commentary here. If all this sounds like “win” for the nuns, as it has often been portrayed in media reports, (LCWR president Sister Sharon) Holland said she avoids that … Continue reading

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Open Friday, Especially for Atheists

I’m not a fan of 100-comment threads. First, if it weren’t for Dick and Max, I’d never get them. And two, they are a bother to keep up with on other people’s sites. I thought I’d start a fresh thread … Continue reading

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OSV Wades Into The Mud

Our Sunday Visitor, not exactly a kissing cousin to the NCRep, tackles a side point in the environment debate in Catholicism: A line is crossed, however, when such rational exchange turns into venom-spewing, ideologically based commentary. And this is what … Continue reading

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Has John Allen Jumped The Shark?

Does this relate his Fonzie moment? And maybe his bending over to be too fair to the fringes? Does this kind of stuff happen when one goes over to the dark side big media?

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Bitter But Necessary?

A balanced and realistic editorial at NCRep on the resignation of a former bishop of mine. I think there’s much bitterness all over on this one. I don’t believe Bishop Finn was any sort of monster. He certainly is no … Continue reading

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What Constitutes Gossip?

A while ago I had a conversation with a parishioner about gossip. I was slightly surprised at the aspects I heard proposed. – If it’s true, it’s not gossip. – If I would say it to a person’s face, it’s … Continue reading

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