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More on Doxxing

A facebook friend linked to this thoughtful commentary on doxxing, and I found myself tipped to the non-dox side. Because of this: Doxxing and social vilification complicates that. It’s harder to walk away from the group you’ve attached yourself to … Continue reading

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The Long Game

When word came out of a liturgical institute in San Francisco, I noticed the same Samuel Weber, OSB attached to it. I don’t know the man, but name-recognition is there: his work arranging plainchant accompaniments for the Hymnal For The … Continue reading

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Guess Who’s …

Enjoying this classic film with the fam this morning. The young miss hadn’t seen it. Seems like a good choice for the holiday. The “Get Permanently Lost” scene and Spencer Tracy’s final monologue get a lot of attention. These are … Continue reading

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Cultural Appropriation

So, cultural appropriation has become a Thing. And people are losing jobs and/or livelihoods over it. May I side with this writer and throw a bit of gasoline on the conflagration by suggesting that some reactions to “inter-culturation” are positively … Continue reading

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Ten Years Ago Here I

Every so often, I check back on what went up here at this site. I was struck by Neil’s offering ten years ago today, citing Rabbi Jonathan Sacks on people (of faith or not) getting along (or not). Secularisation, the great movement … Continue reading

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On Climate

When I changed majors halfway through college from straight biology to biology-geology, I had an opportunity to enroll in a summer course after sophomore year, GEO 204. I don’t remember the title, but it was about climatology. We focused a lot on ice … Continue reading

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First Name Basis

Commentators have noticed a vector toward informality in American culture. Clothing is one bit that comes to mind. I wore a dress shirt and tie to Mass in my early Catholic days (1970 to 72-ish). I wasn’t alone, but I … Continue reading

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