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Not All Are Satisfied

One might say that no one is. I was cruising a few Mother Angelica tributes, and I found two offering interesting contrasts. At PrayTell, they couldn’t get right the spelling of one of her favorite foils in the episcopacy. But … Continue reading

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Surfing around while I was waiting for the timing to be right on running an errand for the young miss, I found this discussion thread aptly named. Back at the student center, I was exposed to young people who had … Continue reading

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Disconnect and Connect

Pewsitter noticed Robert Mickens’ NCR piece and I’m not totally sure if they got it. If the man is reporting what’s happening in the world and in the Church, why shoot the messenger? The pope emeritus is cited: “The obligatory nature … Continue reading

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Take Your Friends

The young miss seems to stay well-connected with her friends via the internet and smart phone. Like her, they have mostly scattered off to the corners of the country for college. The closest three bff’s, literally: Texas, Virginia, and northern … Continue reading

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Mary P and the Buddha

On our first anniversary, my wife and I spent a few days in Omaha. Attending Sunday Mass in the cathedral there, we stumbled into the Flower Festival. While stiff winds and semi-blinding snow raged outside, we experienced more flowers than an … Continue reading

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Punishment By Subtraction

A relative newcomer to my new parish suggested that pictures of two of our four former pastors be removed from a wall on the concourse between our nave, social hall, and faith formation wing. The offense? It’s a substantial one: appearance on this … Continue reading

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Rites For the Assisted

RNS linked this interview with Archbishop Terrence Prendergast of Ottawa. While I can appreciate the passion and frustration of a pastor dealing with people who are dying, a few cautions surfaced for me. One was liturgical: (A person who requests … Continue reading

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