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Open Thread on Proof-Texting

Max seems skeptical of the term proof-texting. Merriam-Webster online gives a basic definition: a Scriptural passage adduced as proof for a theological doctrine, belief, or principle. I assumed an anti-religionist would be distrustful of a Christian site’s definition, but I … Continue reading

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Ah! Wilderness

A thoughtful post on “de-screening” made me think a bit about our cross-country trek. Night one was spent in a cabin. While cell phone reception was spotty and there was no wi-fi, the television did have cable channels. So on … Continue reading

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Open Thread: My Way

I have a recollection of a meeting with friends who, while Catholic, were somewhat of the fundamentalist stripe. I was sharing a song from a new liturgical recording. They didn’t buy into my excitement, suggesting instead that my aim was somehow … Continue reading

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Where Does Disney Fall?

I found an interesting quote in a CNS news brief (third from the top) Tuesday: Young girls are being bombarded with photo-shopped images and are buying into unrealistic expectations set before them at an age meant for skinned knees and … Continue reading

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Anticipating Pope Francis in the US

An interesting piece in Zenit: an interview with Msgr. Guillermo Karcher, Papal Master of Ceremonies. Including this bit: However, he will also be able to “elaborate new concepts,” (he)said, beginning with “studying” the middle class, as he assured in that … Continue reading

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On Scolding

If I had a chance for a brief meeting with Pope Francis, the topic about which I would inquire is not liturgy, but unity. For years, and especially online, one brand of Catholics made it a cottage industry to tattle … Continue reading

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A New Pecking Order

I feel a bone weariness continuing to read stories (like this one) of people subjected to a revised hierarchy of employment (see above). Note how the tattletale (often moneyed, but not always) is boss of the bishop, bishop (or pastor) of administrator, … Continue reading

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