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Airplane Magisterium, Ivory Tower Magisterium

I saw one comment on the pope’s rabbit remark, something about an airplane magisterium. Strange, but I never thought of Pope Benedict as exercising an ivory tower magisterium just because the basis of his clerical career was as a professor … Continue reading

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Cardinals, For What?

Much discussion online and elsewhere about the Church’s new crop of cardinals. Pope Francis has suggested a new tone, if not redefined the role: The cardinalship does not imply promotion; it is neither an honor nor a decoration; it is … Continue reading

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About the Dead

A parishioner mentioned the continued killings in Nigeria, and why the Paris massacre is getting so much attention in comparison. I don’t think he buys into a numbers-is-everything sense of mourning, that somehow we dial to 1 for one person, … Continue reading

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Witness, When A Work of Ego

Liam’s comment in the Dick & Max thread was worth pulling out for discussion, I thought. As a church minister, I often check things that I do against my personal needs. It might happen less often now that I’m older, … Continue reading

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What If They Didn’t Fire The Person?

I noticed at Kathy Schiffer’s site on Patheos a note about the Archdiocese of Miami advising employees not to show public support for same-sex unions in that state–something recently opened up by the courts. How far do you suppose the … Continue reading

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A musical term. Music moves from a position of tension, dissonance, or anticipation to a perceived place of rest. Satisfaction. I have a musical friend who dislikes when I leave something on a non-final chord. Resolution is also a term … Continue reading

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Curious Case Concludes

Grant Gallicho’s series on Carlos Urrutigoity concludes at dotCommonweal today. You may recall that famous renegade priest who peppered an experience of sleeping with male teens and men within a career as a self-styled rigorist within traditional Catholicism. The man surfaced … Continue reading

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