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Punishment By Subtraction

A relative newcomer to my new parish suggested that pictures of two of our four former pastors be removed from a wall on the concourse between our nave, social hall, and faith formation wing. The offense? It’s a substantial one: appearance on this … Continue reading

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Rites For the Assisted

RNS linked this interview with Archbishop Terrence Prendergast of Ottawa. While I can appreciate the passion and frustration of a pastor dealing with people who are dying, a few cautions surfaced for me. One was liturgical: (A person who requests … Continue reading

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The New JFK

In the West a number of celebrity deaths this year. It’s interesting to see how the response goes down in the Catholic blogosphere and its Facebook extension. In many cases, a close friend may offer a surprising testimony–surprising to those who … Continue reading

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Our parish’s deacon preached this weekend. He pointed out the three instances of unworthiness as expressed in the readings, but he didn’t make it the centerpiece of his homily. Did you catch them in your celebration of the Word? Isaiah: … Continue reading

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What Would Jesus Do?

Christians presume everything Jesus did was perfect, or at least really good. Except for Max, most of us are good with that. A friend posted a sincere musing on Facebook the other day. As we say “What Would Jesus Do?” … Continue reading

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Authority And Right, But Also Responsibility

New commenter Tony Phillips mentioned this: Paul VI had absolutely no right or authority to make massive changes to the liturgy. On the second point, wrong. Clearly, he had the authority and almost every Catholic bishop endorsed the full program … Continue reading

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The Passing of Heroes

Not just mine, but other people’s. And even people I don’t consider as heroes. My brother passed around on facebook a meme or two that expressed a certain wishfulness about David Bowie and Glenn Frey and a certain reality-tv clan, … Continue reading

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