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Seeing Red

Wait, let me guess … Pentecost? Good Friday? Some Pacific Northwest martyr? Readers know I’m not inclined to defend corporations, even ones with local roots. But if a few non-conscientious objectors in the War on Christmas are demanding “Bible verse … Continue reading

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On Vatican II

In general response to comments from the past few days, I thought I’d summarize my position on Vatican II and the liturgy with more clarity. This first piece will strike some as negative, and it doesn’t yet really touch on … Continue reading

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Another Minority

I was tipped off to Cardinal Dolan’s brief essay on “a new minority.” I am thinking of … Couples who … approach the Church for the sacrament; Couples who … have persevered through trials; couples who welcome God’s gifts of many … Continue reading

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Saint Fix-It

I read this guest post on Simcha Fisher’s blog. It’s addressed to the synod15 bishops, but I wonder how many of them will actually read it. The author describes a spouse burdened by the “cancer” of anger. But what is … Continue reading

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Sunday Pope Preach

Michael Peppard is convinced that Pope Francis is going to go James 5 on Americans this Sunday. Me? I’m not so sure. There’s a front porch message in the Gospel: “Teacher, we saw someone driving out demons in your name, … Continue reading

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Getting Clocked in Texas

Interesting story; have you heard? Scary enough to arrest a 14-year-old, but not scary enough to evacuate a school. Because that would have bothered more than just Muslims. And who knows: the team might not have gotten back in time … Continue reading

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Of Zeitgeist

The Catholic blogosphere can be vexing, amusing, and amateurish–all in one swoop. Also earnest. In today’s Catholic Church there’s definitely an undercurrent of wishfulness. Wish it were three years ago, or a hundred and three? These guys (and it’s mostly … Continue reading

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