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When Do People Lose God?

To respond to my comment on the genesis of the monotheistic religions, Charles sent a link to a talk radio program that discussed what nearly all religious people would characterize as gravely sinful material, namely the enslavement of others. Do the … Continue reading

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Who Saves

William Oddie struggles with being called out on some basic Christian theology: I have been pondering on one response to a blog I wrote recently, the headline of which ended “Few understand this pontificate: but it’s the Church that saves … Continue reading

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Episcopal Motto

The archbishop of my new diocese has taken a phrase from Psalm 27:8a as his motto: Of you my heart has spoken When I checked my NAB and NRSV, that half-verse wasn’t quite versed in that way. Third guess: the … Continue reading

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How Bad is Bad?

How we love to play the game of comparisons. Whose team is more successful, whose salary is higher, whose home is nicer, whose parish is more active, and so on. We also compare negative things, and modern culture reinforces bad news. … Continue reading

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Open Thread: Distinguishing Fact and Truth

Max wondered about the distinction I attempted to make between fact and truth. His suggested context is religion. But I think the distinction exists in other aspects of human life. I’ll offer commentary on astronomy, a subject dear to me, … Continue reading

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Open Thread on Proof-Texting

Max seems skeptical of the term proof-texting. Merriam-Webster online gives a basic definition: a Scriptural passage adduced as proof for a theological doctrine, belief, or principle. I assumed an anti-religionist would be distrustful of a Christian site’s definition, but I … Continue reading

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Ah! Wilderness

A thoughtful post on “de-screening” made me think a bit about our cross-country trek. Night one was spent in a cabin. While cell phone reception was spotty and there was no wi-fi, the television did have cable channels. So on … Continue reading

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