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Marriages, So Called Mixed

People continue to reflect much on the departed Pope Benedict XVI. I heard of one person complaining that Pope Francis mentioned him by name but once in his funeral homily last week. Strange, that: it seems there may be significant … Continue reading

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Unifying Easter

I noticed a piece at PrayTell pondering the variance in the observance of Easter in Christianity.  To this day, the fact that Christians celebrate Easter on different days puzzles some Christians and annoys others.  Yet the issue is no longer … Continue reading

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A Path of Littleness

I wasn’t aware the Holy Father was travelling in the Eastern Mediterranean. Being a minority – and do not forget that the Church throughout the world is a minority – does not mean being insignificant, but closer to the path … Continue reading

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Ecumenical Worship, RIP?

As I spent my quarantine period looking over years of computer files saved by my predecessors, I noted with some approval the efforts at ecumenical worship in my new parish’s town. But then I looked more carefully at the documents … Continue reading

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The Armchair Liturgist: Reformation Sunday

As I understand it, Lutherans and Calvinists are the chief observers of Reformation Day, October 31st. Many churches in the US opt for a weekend celebration, and move the feast to the last Sunday of October. Today is the earliest … Continue reading

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Ecumenism For Dummies

Self-styled “faithful” Catholics ejected from church by police. What to say about it? I’m aware of the use of public prayer as a means of protest. I’m skeptical on it. I’m not sure I would label it a “profanation.” Boorish … Continue reading

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Promoting Christian Unity

Rocco whispered this link on his Twitter feed. I recall some recent discussion here and there on social media about proselytizing. It comes up again in the linked interview, but with a context. When asked about the best way to promote … Continue reading

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Why Do Christians Look Outside?

Visitor Jeremia John offered a comment that is possibly timely, and certainly gives an opportunity for believers in dialogue to further explain themselves. He writes: (I) could never understand the fascination that Thomas Merton had with other religions…why should we … Continue reading

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Jesus: Door, Gate, and Way … and More

I pulled Dick Martin’s commentary off a funeral thread to discuss here. Just a reminder for regular guests: please don’t use the posts on funerals, weddings, or reconciliation to pull things to a favorite topic. I have no problem peeling … Continue reading

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Bad Bishops: “Bad Pope, Bad Catholics”

Jimmy Mac sent me this link. After pondering that some prelates were maybe slugging down too much anise aperitif, I was thinking about 89 pages. Is that all? To be truthful: once you’re on a roll, why stop with 10.79 … Continue reading

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How Surprisingly Profitable

Brian Pellot writes a weekly Monday blog for RNS on religious freedom. Since he writes from the UK, the post is up before most of us in the Americas wake. Today’s installment is here. Lots of angry Muslims lead off. And most prominently, … Continue reading

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Will Non-Catholics Get the Ear of Pope Francis?

My musing about Pope Francis inviting non-Catholics to observe or even join the Cardinal Council was a throwaway thought in an earlier post today. Pope John XXIII of sainted (literally) memory invited Orthodox, Anglicans, and Protestants to Vatican II. So … Continue reading

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And Then There Will Be Nine?

Vatican Radio has a bit from Fr Federico Lombardi on the Octocards meeting tomorrow. Also on the docket, according to Rocco’s Twitter feed, is the naming of a cardinal to represent Eastern Christians. Makes sense to me. I wonder what … Continue reading

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Anglican/Catholic Endings

Reading with some lament the abandonment of shared Sunday worship at Holy Apostles in Virginia Beach. The description of two separate altars, one each for Catholics and Anglicans strikes me as somewhat cringe-worthy. But it’s been a liturgical practice there … Continue reading

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One Easter, Not Two

Vatican Insider reports that Holy Land Catholics will join their Orthodox sisters and brothers in observing Easter on 5 May 2013. Is the Catholic/Orthodox separation on Easter a big deal? About half the time the dates are separated by a … Continue reading

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