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And Then There Will Be Nine?

Vatican Radio has a bit from Fr Federico Lombardi on the Octocards meeting tomorrow. Also on the docket, according to Rocco’s Twitter feed, is the naming of a cardinal to represent Eastern Christians. Makes sense to me. I wonder what … Continue reading

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Anglican/Catholic Endings

Reading with some lament the abandonment of shared Sunday worship at Holy Apostles in Virginia Beach. The description of two separate altars, one each for Catholics and Anglicans strikes me as somewhat cringe-worthy. But it’s been a liturgical practice there … Continue reading

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One Easter, Not Two

Vatican Insider reports that Holy Land Catholics will join their Orthodox sisters and brothers in observing Easter on 5 May 2013. Is the Catholic/Orthodox separation on Easter a big deal? About half the time the dates are separated by a … Continue reading

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Sunday Masses for Various Needs and Occasions

The third edition of the Roman Missal includes a host of “Masses for Various Needs and Occasions.” Forty-nine in all. In doing research on the Roman Antiphonary and on our running topic of evangelization, I uncovered an interesting fact. Four … Continue reading

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Pope Benedict, Stalker?

I like the UCANews site for its coverage of Catholic matters across the continent of Asia. Their commentary is often thoughtful and occasionally tart, like this essay by Fr William Grimm, who suggests that schismatic Catholics aren’t the only ones … Continue reading

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Thumping Trustees, Not Bibles

By now, I should be used to stories like this. The deletion of free Bibles from public schools, and the almost-required Christian bile hurled in the way of those-who-dare-to-question. If my daughter had attended a public school in fifth grade, … Continue reading

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Intercommunion Aftermath

The Anchoress muses on the incident of a Presbyterian minister taking a leadership role with a priest at a Catholic Mass. I think Ms Scalia sidesteps the real matter: union with Rome. She and some of her commenters wonder about … Continue reading

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