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Timing the Drop-Out

The Post-Confirmation Summit in Rhode Island last month addressed inactive Catholics after the “graduation” sacrament. According to research conducted by The Dynamic Catholic Institute, 85 percent of young Catholics stop actively engaging in their faith after receiving the sacrament of … Continue reading

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Why Do Christians Look Outside?

Visitor Jeremia John offered a comment that is possibly timely, and certainly gives an opportunity for believers in dialogue to further explain themselves. He writes: (I) could never understand the fascination that Thomas Merton had with other religions…why should we … Continue reading

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The Obstacle of Language

In my last parish, some people were involved with this movement. It’s a classic example of a fine effort which is hobbled by a well-meaning name which will permit people to pass over the experience without giving it a try. … Continue reading

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Peter Canisius, SJ

Peter Canisius is one of the saints I admire. I especially appreciate his approach to people of his time who had gone over to Luther. Rome wanted a bit more rigor, but the Dutch Jesuit had a thing with honey … Continue reading

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Evangelization Trumps Apologetics

I like Father Robert Barron’s filmmaking. I’ve enjoyed his books even more, but then I’m biased toward the written medium over video. I received an e-mail notice yesterday that read, in part: Don’t miss out on Fr. Barron’s new DVD, … Continue reading

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Misericordiae Vultus 25: Conclusion

Now we arrive at the end of the document proclaiming the Jubilee Year. Have any of you held back observations until now? Feel free to share them. 25. I present, therefore, this Extraordinary Jubilee Year dedicated to living out in … Continue reading

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Misericordiae Vultus 24d: Turning to Saints

Saint Faustina comes to mind as the modern saint most associated with mercy: Our prayer also extends to the saints and blessed ones who made divine mercy their mission in life. I am especially thinking of the great apostle of … Continue reading

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