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Talky Science Fiction

Sometime in the last century, producers of pop culture discovered that science fiction and fantasy mixed with visual special effects and action makes for both popular movies with the general public and money for the corporations behind them. Between the … Continue reading

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On Shelf And Screen: Ursula LeGuin

As a science fiction reader, I’ve overlooked Ursula LeGuin. But after two recent experiences, I’ve become a fan. First, I reacquainted myself with The Lathe of Heaven. The novel was made into a tv movie in 1980. It’s interesting that as … Continue reading

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Alien Intelligence

You read that term and what do you think? You know of my hobbies in astronomy and reading science fiction. If you are reading here, and even if you are turned off by one or both, you likely think of … Continue reading

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Project Almanac

I’m a softie for time travel movies above most other science fiction themes. I stumbled upon Project Almanac channel surfing last week on a day off, so I stuck with it. David Raskin, hopefully heading to MIT if the money … Continue reading

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Guess Who’s …

Enjoying this classic film with the fam this morning. The young miss hadn’t seen it. Seems like a good choice for the holiday. The “Get Permanently Lost” scene and Spencer Tracy’s final monologue get a lot of attention. These are … Continue reading

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A Film About Friendship

My wife and I surfed around the great and mighty Amazon the other night and found an enjoyable film that we thought was surprisingly good. At least compared to the dregs that appear on the listings I see there. The wiki-listing is here. … Continue reading

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Love In La La Land

My wife and I indulged in a first-run movie last night. A choir member gifted us with theater tickets and we had a nice experience. I texted my wife and asked her to pick a film. So she chose this … Continue reading

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