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On The Tube: Cold Souls

My spouse and I get out to the movies so rarely these days. Some of it is the expense, especially compared to the embarrassment of cinematic riches on streaming tv.  Paul Giamatti is one of my favorite actors, so I … Continue reading

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On The Tube: Enchantment

After watching a piece of fluff on streaming, my wife asked why I didn’t like old movies. What gave you that idea, I asked. You keep skipping over them, she said. I landed my clicker on this one. She didn’t … Continue reading

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On The Tube Again: Purgatory

There’s a backlash against eulogies in many church circles. I don’t get worked up about it … unless they go much beyond a few minutes at a funeral Mass. I think I get the indulgence for it. Everybody knows a … Continue reading

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Much Ado About Christmas

“You’ve been watching too many superhero movies,” said the young miss. I was telling her about my nightmare of getting kidnapped with her and her mom and being threatened with death in vats of acid, so there would be no … Continue reading

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Christmas On Film: Anger Management?

As the years move on, I see a lot more dissent on the value of the film It’s a Wonderful Life. I admit the movie has never made my list of favorites. Of the people I know, some seem to like … Continue reading

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A Christmas Star

The Christmas movie channels could hire me as a science consultant on scripts. My wife and I watched an otherwise enjoyable holiday flick tonight. I outlined to the young miss my problems with the science, none of which really impacted … Continue reading

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Religion in Film: Open Mic and Lost Sheep

When the fam watches movies, my expectations are sometimes low. Like at Christmastime when there’s some Hallmark variation on a five minute attraction that gets stretched out to two hours of viewing time or to the end of the Christmas … Continue reading

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Our Planet

David Attenborough was scooped up by Netflix some years ago. I wondered why. To outdo the BBC? How could decades of extraordinary filmmaking be advanced? See the series Our Planet to find out. I’ve enjoyed nature documentaries since I was … Continue reading

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When Whales Walked

PBS continues to make amazing science films. One of the best recent ones looks at evolution in the fossil record, including how the title animals developed from wolf-like swimmers on an Asian seashore to deep ocean dwellers larger than the … Continue reading

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The Kid Who Would Be King

A very good family film. It blends a once and future king and his allies, plus Merlin, a battle against Morgana with a modern day setting starting with a British school among students and moving across the countryside to Cornwall … Continue reading

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The Perfect Stranger

My wife found this film on a streaming platform the other night. I was listening to it from the bedroom for a few minutes. Then I came out to watch the last three-quarters. The cynic in me thought, “Apologetics: The … Continue reading

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Re-Viewing National Treasure

I think my history-loving wife was hit with nostalgia this morning. My breakfast fixing was accompanied by Trevor Rabin’s uplifting and patriot-inspiring score and I immediately knew what was on the tube. This flick was a favorite as the young … Continue reading

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Another Robot Movie

Resting at home from a medical procedure today. Once assured I was feeling fine, if fatigued, and after a mid-afternoon nap, my wife departed. Time for a science fiction movie (that she would probably dislike.) Archive looked like the most interesting … Continue reading

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War And Worlds Apart 1953-2021

My wife and I viewed the 1953 film War of the Worlds. I found it very interesting on a few fronts. At first, I thought the female lead, Sylvia Van Buren, to be superfluous. Kind of a typical 50’s film … Continue reading

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Instant Family

I’m generally not a fan of farce, the indulgence of some filmmakers to throw every possible bad thing at characters and laugh at how much sticks. Sometimes, though, true life breaks out in farce. Often enough I think the experience … Continue reading

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