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Vision: From the Life of Hildegard von Bingen

This film was at the library yesterday, so the family enjoyed viewing tonight. My wife mentioned that she was always afraid of her. Stern. Powerful. All-knowing. This film seemed to soften that view. This is good, as her birthday is … Continue reading

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Putting the Romance Into Christmas

Perhaps it is a matter of being a middle-aged guy, and have something dawn on me for the first time. Or maybe it’s the relentless barrage of 21st century Christmas movies on cable. But I’m having a hard time thinking … Continue reading

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In The Moon

Nice story from Reuters on Russian plans to colonize lunar lava caves. They would likely provide significant shielding from the sleet of solar radiation that pummels these airless (or nearly airless) bodies. All explorers need do is seal them up … Continue reading

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Mel and the Maccabees

Mel Gibson is a rich, headstrong filmmaker. If he wants to make a movie about a Jewish hero, I don’t think there’s anybody who can stop him, right? Even if they protest loudly and in all the right media outlets. … Continue reading

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Like this reviewer, I had my doubts about this film when I first heard about it. The big box office didn’t help it, either. The young miss got Avatar from Santa in ’09. And that movie, while decent, lacked the … Continue reading

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My wife had an opportunity to visit a friend back in Kansas City, and assist in the care of some pets. She’s been gone the whole week. It sure will be good to have her home again Monday. Meanwhile the … Continue reading

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Hindi Cinema

When I started bringing home Bollywood dvd’s from the public library several weeks ago, the young miss mostly turned her nose up at watching movies with subtitles. We watched Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge last night. “That was the best Indian … Continue reading

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To Not So Boldly Go …

Okay. I broke down and took the family to see Star Trek last week. I was prepared to love it and hate it, and I wasn’t disappointed. First the good. It was nice to see Paramount finally put real effort … Continue reading

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Bella Gaia

This will be way cool when it hits theaters and planetaria. Check out the Bella Gaia site. The sample above features input from various satellites and space probes employing timelapse effects and image enhancements to point out amazing things like … Continue reading

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With the young miss away at camp this week, my wife and I have been viewing some films together that aren’t exactly kiddie fare. She likes mysteries, so we saw the frenetic-paced and gory Angels and Demons Tuesday night. I … Continue reading

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Movie Life

The women of the house opted for an opening-day viewing of the new Harry Potter movie. We had out-of-town friends in the night before, and went to see Up. Two movies in two nights is a bit of a luxury. … Continue reading

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Kit Is Cool

The young miss picked up some items at the library recently, including the dvd of Kit Kittredge: An American Girl. I was really impressed with this film: well-scripted, a talented and very deep cast, a nicely plotted story and just … Continue reading

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Good Things To Watch

The new Star Trek movie comes out to mass audiences tomorrow. I’m not terribly optimistic, although I do hear that a big budget for effects has been engaged. Do the producers behind this effort realize a good story will bring … Continue reading

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Wrong Way Film Criticism

I notice the usual Catholic bloggers are falling over themselves to tell you a horrid movie is coming out soon. More so, the criticisms of Dan Brown seem to have been exhausted, so they need to tell us the director’s … Continue reading

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Junior year in my Catholic high school we had a non-Catholic teacher instructing us in German. With most, but not all teachers, we began each class period with prayer. It was usually teacher-led. But not always. One day, a good bit … Continue reading

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