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Rock Musician At The Keyboard

Indie rock musician finds himself in a church gig in Australia. I was thinking about that scene in The Commitments when a little Procol Harum breaks out at practice. The folks at St Kevin’s, Bangalow have that covered: Shortly after … Continue reading

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Detective Television: Driven, Sweet, and Dreamy

My wife loves mysteries on tv and in print. I find I’m drawn into the tv stuff kicking and screaming. But I’m occasionally impressed. My wife has been following Sherlock on PBS, and I have to admit I’ve enjoyed what … Continue reading

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Midnight in Paris

Woody Allen pops up into my attention every so often. I loved a few of his movies in the 80’s. His exploration of addiction and faith in Hannah and Her Sisters is a favorite. The movie bank of cable channels has … Continue reading

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Foundation On Screen

It’s been a curious things the past few days. I had a thought to reread Asimov’s Foundation books–at least the “trilogy” (actually nine separately published short tales assembled into books around 1950). But I’ve been feeling ornery around rereading stuff. … Continue reading

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The Adjustment Bureau

When most of the people had left the staff Christmas party last night, our host cracked out last year’s well-regarded The Adjustment Bureau. I thought it started off pretty well. One fantasy/science fiction premise from Philip K. Dick is nicely … Continue reading

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The Lake House

My wife has her third round with the flu. With tonight’s descent of bitter winter on central Iowa, we enjoyed a movie we picked up a few weeks ago and hadn’t gotten around to seeing: The Lake House. The young … Continue reading

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Vision: From the Life of Hildegard von Bingen

This film was at the library yesterday, so the family enjoyed viewing tonight. My wife mentioned that she was always afraid of her. Stern. Powerful. All-knowing. This film seemed to soften that view. This is good, as her birthday is … Continue reading

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