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One Into Two Into Three

I had heard filmmaker Peter Jackson was turning The Hobbit into a two-part film epic. Since when was it upshifted into a trilogy? Was it the lure of more money, more profits for corporations? It’s not as if JRR Tolkien … Continue reading

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Vatican on History

My wife was feeling unwell most of yesterday, so while I was online in the living room she was catching the History channel’s Secret Access: The Vatican. I was wondering if we would see one of the players in the … Continue reading

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Rock Musician At The Keyboard

Indie rock musician finds himself in a church gig in Australia. I was thinking about that scene in The Commitments when a little Procol Harum breaks out at practice. The folks at St Kevin’s, Bangalow have that covered: Shortly after … Continue reading

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Detective Television: Driven, Sweet, and Dreamy

My wife loves mysteries on tv and in print. I find I’m drawn into the tv stuff kicking and screaming. But I’m occasionally impressed. My wife has been following Sherlock on PBS, and I have to admit I’ve enjoyed what … Continue reading

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Midnight in Paris

Woody Allen pops up into my attention every so often. I loved a few of his movies in the 80’s. His exploration of addiction and faith in Hannah and Her Sisters is a favorite. The movie bank of cable channels has … Continue reading

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Foundation On Screen

It’s been a curious things the past few days. I had a thought to reread Asimov’s Foundation books–at least the “trilogy” (actually nine separately published short tales assembled into books around 1950). But I’ve been feeling ornery around rereading stuff. … Continue reading

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The Adjustment Bureau

When most of the people had left the staff Christmas party last night, our host cracked out last year’s well-regarded The Adjustment Bureau. I thought it started off pretty well. One fantasy/science fiction premise from Philip K. Dick is nicely … Continue reading

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