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Free Lunch

Two experiences today in social media. First, a facebook friend mentioned the amount of food way, way past its expiration date they receive at the food bank where she volunteers. My comment on her thread: The American way: let them … Continue reading

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St Ignatius on Drink

The context of this quote is receiving a concern about immigrant students, and their difficulty of adapting to new foods of their host culture. … if health permits someone to habituate himself even to water, beer, or cider where these … Continue reading

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The Rick Santorum Diet

I was noting some headlines involving Rick Santorum’s quote: We birthed a nation from nothing. I mean, there was nothing here. I mean, yes we have Native Americans but candidly there isn’t much Native American culture in American culture. Some … Continue reading

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Lent, Purim, Reliance on God

This week, we get a brief overlap in our Jewish and Catholic traditions. At Mass today, Esther’s prayer to God: God of Abraham, God of Isaac, and God of Jacob, blessed are you. Help me, who am alone and have … Continue reading

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Strawberries And …

One advantage to claiming tomato as a fruit is that strawberries with a nice combo of romaine lettuce and black olives topped off with a lite raspberry vinaigrette is not so weird. Ages ago I was on a plane trip … Continue reading

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Late Evening Snack

Some foods I find difficult to cook. Exotic stuff like squid. Cakes from scratch. Eggplant, definitely. That last one is a vegetable I would like to master, but the best I can do with it is meh. And the worst, … Continue reading

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The GMO’s Among Us

A human being who can digest dairy is a GMO. If you are one of these, your digestive tract can make something healthy for you from that milk sugar molecule on the right. This article sums up something I read … Continue reading

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Apple or Pumpkin?

Local sports talk radio was debating the choice yesterday. Growing up, my mom loved to bake and we loved to eat. As I remember it, she made five pies many Thanksgivings: one mincemeat, my dad’s favorite; two pumpkins, and the two … Continue reading

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Lemon Drop Melons

Our local grocery superstore began stocking these a few weeks ago. One of the produce guys was enthusiastic about it. (They usually are if they sniff a sale.) It even has a facebook page. It’s now my favorite melon, and … Continue reading

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First Communion Menu

Today was First Communion for our parish’s youngsters. I had some fun with the group. Neither priest showed up at the group rehearsal yesterday–that’s not a big deal actually. It’s one of the jobs of a liturgist to make sure … Continue reading

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In an alphabetical listing of posts on this web site, we have a new last entry. After church tonight, I sautéed a small zucchini in olive oil. I added poppy seeds. I wanted a hint of sweetness and I noticed the young … Continue reading

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Okay, so I have a few questions about the Australians considering a restoration of year-round Friday abstinence from meat. Why do we need bishops to tell us when not to eat meat? The US bishops have advocated abstinence and fasting … Continue reading

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Lunch Chicken For A Snowy Day

The young miss is in transit. As you see above, white has replaced gray and brown. Meanwhile, below, I have some wok-grilled chicken that I first browned, then poached in tomato juice, and then when it reduced, I poured in … Continue reading

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Breakfast of Scholars

In the old days (before adolescence) I frequently prepared a hot breakfast for the young miss. In the modern era, maximizing sleep is a concern. There is often a single-digit number of minutes between waking and running for the bus. … Continue reading

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Roots in Food

I thought I had the fixings for chicken korma, or one of the variations I spring on the family. I like to use mango. Or pears in a pinch. I forgot to drop raisins in it. So I sautéed garam … Continue reading

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