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Community Chest Updates

A favorite through two childhoods–my own and that of the young miss–renovated a whole section of play. No more beauty contests. It looks like the amounts players are given and taken are mostly the same. $45 has been rounded up.  … Continue reading

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African Animals In Chess

If a piece started on the green square (Yes; I know: there are no green squares in serious chess.) these are the destination squares of three fantasy pieces compared to the standard knight. A curious finding: despite the fact these … Continue reading

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Anti-Clerical Chess

When I was an active chessplayer, my friends and I would occasionally experiment with one of the many variations of the game. I found myself always coming back to the original. Reminiscing seems to have been part of my day … Continue reading

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Boycotting the Cheater

It’s a game I love to play. Honest. In 2016, the bridge federations of Italy and North America found an Italian world champion credibly accused of cheating while playing for Monaco in 2014 and banned him. He was cleared on … Continue reading

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Word Game 1

When I don’t listen to podcasts or music on my daily walks, I sometimes play word games. They remind me of car trips with the miss when she was young, and more willing to engage in three-way fun on long … Continue reading

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On The Tube: The Queen’s Gambit

Netflix’s streaming series looks at a chess prodigy who emerges from a girl’s orphanage in Kentucky to become a force in world chess. Most of this seven-episode adventure focuses on the emerging chess career of Beth Taylor. After being adopted, … Continue reading

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Books On Games

May I make a confession? I’m thinking of retreating to YA fiction for a good long time. Last year I read Louis Sachar’s The Cardturner. A friend of mine at the bridge club recommended it. He’s older than I am. It’s … Continue reading

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It’s A Puzzle

It’s not just a pandemic thing. Every so often, I renew a hobby from my childhood. A Christmas gift from the young miss was finally tackled in Lent. Gambit was of no help. He loves the puzzle cloth when spread … Continue reading

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Book Challenge Day 3

This was one of two very formative books that kick-started me into an avocation that lasted about a decade. The other was a 400-pager that taught tactics via multiple choice. (Move A, turn to page 36; move B, turn to … Continue reading

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William Lombardy

When I became an active tournament player in the 70s, I was certainly aware of the priest/grandmaster Bill Lombardy. He served as Bobby Fischer’s second (chief assistant) for the first half of the 1972 world championship match in Reykjavik, Iceland. He … Continue reading

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No Trump, Not Not Trump

I post less on politics these days. Certainly not because I lack interest. Not because I’ve moved on from a state with fairly deep political sensibilities. Really, it’s more because I believe more in local politics. And since few of my … Continue reading

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More Words

Scrabble. When I was growing up, my parents played a good bit. I was somewhat competitive in games with my mother by the time I was a teenager. But I was a lot better at chess, and I couldn’t figure … Continue reading

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Friday Festivities

Emerged from the home mid-afternoon yesterday to brave shopping and get a bite to eat. Upon arrival back home, the young miss was napping on the floor during Inspector Lewis and Gambit was left to wonder why we weren’t playing … Continue reading

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Settler of Cat-an

The young miss coaching Gambit on game strategy. He doesn’t think much of the resources of this game. Who needs ore, wool, grain, lumber or bricks? Where are the mice, birds, buttermilk, catnip, and tuna? Ah! Those dice.

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World Championship

In 1972, I followed the print media reports of the Fischer-Spassky match in Iceland. I was still a beginner at the game, so I didn’t really understand the moves I replayed that summer with my plastic pieces on cardboard eight-by-eight. … Continue reading

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