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Falsification is the principle by which a person tests her or his ideas for possible flaws. In a nutshell, a person considers a plan and then reflects on the possibilities that might derail the effort. Good scientists engage in it. … Continue reading

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Arch Bishops On Board

My readers, most of them anyway, probably don’t know there’s a US Chess League. The name of the St Louis entry? The Arch Bishops, of course. Wonder if they ever thought of getting former ordinaries Rigali and Burke to throw … Continue reading

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The Bad: Influences or Choices?

One of my staff colleagues speaks of the demonic, of possession, of exorcism. You’d have to go to him for the details, because I don’t presently care to get them. Very early in spiritual direction, almost three decades ago, I … Continue reading

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On Being a Chicago Catholic

I just watched an old friend compete on Jeopardy today. My wife called and said I had to get to a tv. So I barged in on the studentsĀ  who live in the peer minister suite. To give you a … Continue reading

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Her Opinion

Scrabble with hot chocolate tonight. Look over on the left there. Near the end of the game, the young miss tacked “OPINION” on the end of QUILT for a personal-best 72-points on one play. Her total for the game: 353. … Continue reading

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Scrabbling About

“Want to play a game this evening?” I asked the young miss. “How about Scrabble?” Scrabble, I thought. Not Uno? Where did she get Scrabble? Brit has an impressive vocabulary and she knows how to use it. And spell. She … Continue reading

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Let The Games Begin

My first bridge night in about a month. I played a good bit in college, then began to play again when I lived in Iowa. It has a rep for being an old person’s game. It’s probably deserved. It also … Continue reading

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