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Funeral Lectionary: 2 Corinthians 1:3-7

Corresponding with my friend John Donaghy, deacon and missionary, he shared the readings he selected for his funeral. The passage from the second Corinthian letter isn’t in the funeral lectionary, but I think it’s a good inclusion. I asked John … Continue reading

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Funeral Purple

Friend and once-contributor John Donaghy sent me two images of a stole he uses for funerals. His report from Honduras: Here most of the priests use purple, though the bishop wore white for the funeral of a priest two years … Continue reading

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Rest, Sabbath, and Devotions Then and Now

Today’s holy day finds itself on a weekend, and a comment from the PrayTell site seemed worth a new thread. Why not here? Devotions were easier to gather for in urban Catholic ghettoes than in far-flung suburban parishes. On the … Continue reading

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Worthy Women: Gertrud Luckner

 Gertrud Luckner, an English born German, spent a year of her life living in England. That year was 1932, and by the time she returned to Germany, she found her country completely transformed. Gertrud was stunned and horrified, and realized … Continue reading

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Worthy Women: Germaine Ribière

Germaine Ribière was about 23 in 1940, when Germany speedily defeated the French army. In the wake, General Petatin assumed leadership over the Vichy government. He won the loyalty of many French Catholics, including Church leaders, by restoring many historical … Continue reading

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Worthy Women: Chiara Offreduccio

Do you recognize the name? This worthy saint is better known for the town in which her father’s palatial estate was located. And while she is often paired with a man named Francis, this woman was a force to be … Continue reading

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Witness, When A Work of Ego

Liam’s comment in the Dick & Max thread was worth pulling out for discussion, I thought. As a church minister, I often check things that I do against my personal needs. It might happen less often now that I’m older, … Continue reading

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