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Into Darkness

I notice all corners of the Catholic blogosphere are upset over the playacting of a black mass for “experienc(ing) the history of different cultural practices.” Our purpose is not to denigrate any religion or faith, which would be repugnant to our … Continue reading

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Bad Bishops: “Bad Pope, Bad Catholics”

Jimmy Mac sent me this link. After pondering that some prelates were maybe slugging down too much anise aperitif, I was thinking about 89 pages. Is that all? To be truthful: once you’re on a roll, why stop with 10.79 … Continue reading

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Is Pope Francis Really A Problem for Pro-Life Catholics?

One of the most common complaints I read about Pope Francis is that he has somehow abandoned committed pro-life Catholics. If the word from the Chair of Peter is that a lack of hope among youth and the isolation of … Continue reading

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Is Disinvite Ever A Good Practice?

It’s been brought up in discussion among various groups in my parish this semester. This person did appear via Skype last week and this person will speak in another week-and-a-half. Neither appearance is without controversy. Milwaukee priests want to disinvite the … Continue reading

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Sore Loser in the Rectory

Pastor loses the election. Takes it out on a teenager, who, to his credit, wants no bitterness for the Church on his account: I don’t want the church to be put down. I don’t want the Catholic religion to be … Continue reading

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Escalation in San Diego and Elsewhere

I think escalation is the inevitable consequence of the Right’s decision in many quarters to “let’s finally take the gloves off” as I read one Catholic commentator suggesting. (Like it hasn’t been so for years …) I often see the … Continue reading

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The Liberal Case Against Cardinal Mahony

I was reading in Tom Roberts’ book The Emerging Catholic Church and found an interesting anecdote about the retired archbishop of Los Angeles. Roberts was writing about research work done by sociologists Richard Schoenherr and Lawrence Young on the projected … Continue reading

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