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Deep Freeze

Iowa’s really cold days were Tuesday and Wednesday this week. Supposedly it got a little warmer yesterday, but I wasn’t outside much to notice or compare. The young miss sent me this news story. The thought struck me that a … Continue reading

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When Liturgists Dream

I don’t usually like to share personal dreams beyond a small circle of family and friends. I think content reveals too much. But this one was just too funny. I had dozed during parish confirmation and didn’t wake until the … Continue reading

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Man as Buffoon

I think Pewsitter linked to Msgr Charles Pope’s blog where the lament of the descent of man was in full flower last week. The opener: I’ve raised concerns in the past about the “men are stupid” variety of commercials that … Continue reading

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Too Much PPP?

One of the best Catholic bloggers surfaces occasionally at dotCommonweal where, very early this morning (Commonweal time, I presume), he suggested “#enoughalready.” So it has come to this.  We are now debating the doctrinal authority of papal tweets and phone … Continue reading

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I have a Twitter thing, but you don’t see it in the margin; I mainly use it for the parish liturgy. And not all that much. I missed a lot of the fuss this week on #addawordruinahymn. It looked mostly … Continue reading

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Greetings for Lent?

Merry Christmas. Happy Easter. We Christians hit up our friends and some strangers on big feasts with pumped up versions of hi-how-are-you. Nothing much for Lent, though. If you’re like me, same ol’, same ol’. Have you ever wondered why … Continue reading

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More From The Cult of Celebrity

I see David Gibson’s piece on Father Frank, freed. Entertaining, if not informative, are the comments. Including: Yes, we need Father Corapi back, and now Father (Groeschel) as well back on EWTN to be running full speed ahead!!!!!!!!! I guess … Continue reading

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