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Fake Meat Fridays

The young miss adheres to a strict vegan diet. Perhaps not the strictest, as she occasionally cooks with fake meat, a vegetable product that has the texture and flavor of meat. I asked her once if this is viewed by … Continue reading

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Setting Philippians 3

If your community proclaimed the year C readings this past weekend, you enjoyed a Pauline gem from his letter to the Philippians. The Roman Lectionary assigns verses 8 through 14 to follow Psalm 126. Most Bible publishers set it as … Continue reading

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In the collection Hearts on Fire: Praying with Jesuits, the editor provides a series of prayers to accompany the Spiritual Exercises. (I recommend this book very highly, not just for people making the Exercises. So many of the prayers apply to … Continue reading

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For the elect preparing for baptism, Lent coincides with their period of Purification and Enlightenment. You can read about the basic considerations here, and don’t forget the Church sees this time of “intense spiritual preparation”  as a vital season in … Continue reading

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Of Psalm 51

Or, more accurately, Marty Haugen’s setting of it. For some reason, the contemporary/folk vector in the 70s didn’t produce a single setting that stuck like Isaiah 43 (“Be Not Afraid”) or Psalm 91 (“On Eagles Wings”). I doubt this offering … Continue reading

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Of Ashes

When I haven’t programmed the song, I get more comments than when I do. Nearly all of the criticism I’ve seen is online, and since online folks aren’t my parishioners, it doesn’t register that much with me. When it came … Continue reading

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Whole-Hearted Lent

The prophet Joel’s clarion call to repentance: Even now, says the LORD, return to me with your whole heart … After the opening prayer this morning, I mouthed to my wife from the music area, “Here we go!” What does … Continue reading

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Ash Wednesday

Roman Missal #2 offered a hymn as an alternative to the usual texts for the distribution of ashes. This rubric accompanied: The following song is an alternative, metrically rhymed version of the Ash Wednesday antiphons and responsory. It is provided … Continue reading

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Observing Friday and/or Lent

RNS linked Cardinal Dolan’s post questioning if we have lost it. What does the tradition tell us? Have Irish folk dispensed from eating corned beef on a day that always falls within Lent? Have some stooped to eat capybaras and … Continue reading

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From Anselm of Canterbury

A bit more than a third of the way through Lent, and perhaps it is time for some encouragement from the sainted Benedictine monk Anselm: O my God teach my heart where and how to seek you, where and how to … Continue reading

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Merciful To All

From the Wisdom of Solomon: For it is always in your power to show great strength,and who can withstand the might of your arm? Because the whole world before you is like a speck that tips the scales,and like a … Continue reading

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Facebook Is The New Chocolate

Checking my fb feed this morning and lots of friends are planning to run silent the next several weeks. I used to refrain from reading and commenting, but this blog has always been running daily, mostly. Laudato Si’ will return … Continue reading

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Joel Ushers In Lent

The Liturgy Commission got a few choices from me for Lenten entrance music. They chose the plea from Joel (not Billy): Parce, Domine, parce populo tuo: ne in aeternum irascaris nobis. The great prelude begins tomorrow: before Lent’s first Sunday … Continue reading

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Alleluia Stories

A week from this coming Wednesday, we’ll “bury” the singing of “Alleluia” for forty-five days. (Don’t get me started on the counting of Lent!) Over the years,  I’ve encountered some interesting misconceptions and ideas about the Latinized Hebrew Gospel Acclamation … Continue reading

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Lovely word. I read Sean Salai’s interview of film critic Steven Greydanus. There the interviewee sermonized on Lenten discipline: I think the official ascesis of the Latin Church today, what we call fasting and abstinence, is pitifully lax. Meatless Fridays … Continue reading

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