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On Ray Repp

A brief announcement on PrayTell elicited an unfortunate snicker from the back of the class. Some traditionalists are not really up on their Latin, it seems: De mortuis nihil nisi bonum. I arrived relatively late to Catholicism. By 1969, the … Continue reading

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Two Were Bound For Emmaus

I’ve been an admirer of Bob Hurd for almost forty years. I’d like to meet the guy someday and talk theological shop. I had a dream two mornings ago that I was playing “Two Were Bound For Emmaus.” I was … Continue reading

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Psalm 118: Alleluia, Your Mercy

One side benefit to having streaming and recorded liturgy at my parish is that I can get certain things peeled off the long feed if I like them. My friend Brian shared Psalm 118 with me last weekend, and we … Continue reading

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At Vigil With Psalm 51

Another Easter Vigil first for me this past Saturday: playing and singing the fifty-first, which is the designated Scripture that follows Ezekiel 36:16-17a, 18-28 when baptism is not celebrated. I’m a fan of Tom Kendzia’s setting of this, led by … Continue reading

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I note that Vince Ambrosetti, after twenty-six years, noticed that one of his early songs was supposedly copied into “Christ Be Our Light.” Legal proceedings have been initiated. I met Mr Ambrosetti, musician/composer turned businessman, some years ago when he … Continue reading

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Setting Philippians 3

If your community proclaimed the year C readings this past weekend, you enjoyed a Pauline gem from his letter to the Philippians. The Roman Lectionary assigns verses 8 through 14 to follow Psalm 126. Most Bible publishers set it as … Continue reading

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Of Psalm 51

Or, more accurately, Marty Haugen’s setting of it. For some reason, the contemporary/folk vector in the 70s didn’t produce a single setting that stuck like Isaiah 43 (“Be Not Afraid”) or Psalm 91 (“On Eagles Wings”). I doubt this offering … Continue reading

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