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Cantate Domino Canticum Novum Introduction

Cantate Domino Canticum Novum is subtitled “A Statement  on the Current Situation of Sacred Music.” None of the published versions I’ve seen identify the “undersigned” referenced in the pre-introduction paragraph. They do note their “great love for the Church’s treasury … Continue reading

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Church Musician Self-Citation

We had a small choir for today’s funeral at the parish. I was thinking about the five musicians who assembled to assist with the music. Four were recruits from our parish’s music ministry. My second predecessor is now legally blind … Continue reading

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Easter Vigil Litany of Saints

My first exposure to John Becker’s setting was at an RCIA conference in 1993. Other musicians there were going ga-ga over it. And I admit my first impression was that it was a big improvement over the chant version* I … Continue reading

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Praying With Music Ministries: Rehearsals

Those who sing pray twice, according to Saint Augustine. When I arrived at my new parish two years ago, I was advised that the choir likes to pray, and expects to pray. My predecessors set a good tone, it seemed … Continue reading

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Singing The “Unsingable”

During the prelude of my parish’s funeral Mass today, one of my singers rendered this chestnut of modern sacred music as a solo. It brought to mind my experience of that piece thirty-plus years ago in another parish. During my grad … Continue reading

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When Worship Ends

I saw this essay linked on CMAA’s forum, and a discussion there ensued. I can’t speak for the details and rubrics of Methodist worship. I do know that many church musicians have a certain understanding of tradition, denominational or local. Sometimes … Continue reading

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The Armchair Liturgist: Blessing New Hymnals

How do new hymnals in a parish get introduced? Fund-raising campaign? Negotiation with the finance committee? Your people come to Mass one weekend, and surprise! New books. Some of you may know the Book of Blessings provides for the blessing … Continue reading

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