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I was tipped off to this thread at CMAA asking, “Are we required to sing?” I know I’ve written about this before, but my take is this: wrong verb. My sense is this: would that everybody sang. Should they sing? … Continue reading

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Musical Introductions

In my last parish, the music listings included a brief instruction for nearly every congregational song or hymn: “whole refrain” or “second-half tune” or “whole tune.” I haven’t used these in my new parish. I enjoy the benefit of a … Continue reading

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Routley on American Liturgical Music, 1979

I was researching some hymn texts for an upcoming parish event, and pulled out the 1979 edition of A Panorama of Christian Hymnody. That volume has sat on my shelf for far too long in between brousings. I ran across … Continue reading

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Breathe and Pray

In only the second parish I’ve served in 28 years, I have a dedicated room for music rehearsal. This is nice. For the one-Mass events–Easter Vigil (above), Holy Thursday, Good Friday,┬áSimbang Gabi–it’s too crowded. Before Sunday Mass, it’s fine. Singers … Continue reading

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Closing Songs

Liturgy geeks know there is no song of dismissal or sending or closing in the official Mass. Composers after and even long before Vatican II have inserted music at the end of liturgy. Whether it be the end of Compline … Continue reading

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Joel Ushers In Lent

The Liturgy Commission got a few choices from me for Lenten entrance music. They chose the plea from Joel (not Billy): Parce, Domine, parce populo tuo: ne in aeternum irascaris nobis. The great prelude begins tomorrow: before Lent’s first Sunday … Continue reading

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An enormously long blog post here contrasting the use of chant and official texts versus non-plainsong and other texts. As usual, the reform2 stance suffers from a bit of myopia. Note their use of certain terms: Four-hymn sandwich began as … Continue reading

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