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Survey Says?

The Chant Cafe has been rather quiet the past several days. I did notice a link on this post to a survey offered by the CDWDS and the Pontifical Council for Culture. Forty questions are offered under the following headings: Formation … Continue reading

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Wandering In A Musical Wilderness

On the Chant Cafe I noticed an earnest and heartfelt essay from the viewpoint of the organ bench and choir loft. I really feel for people who seem to be in anguish about church music. I think one problem, a … Continue reading

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The Meme Of Banal

I notice over at the Chant Cafe some discussion about reform2 Americans reforming Roman liturgical music. (Paul went there, so I suppose …) It rung a bell with some Praise Music as performance I saw there from earlier this week. … Continue reading

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What Inspires?

Another illustrative thread at the CMAA here. First a citation to an editorial that seems to confuse the decades: In the 1960s, many of our church leaders were seminarians.  It was a time when Gregorian chant was forcibly submerged below … Continue reading

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Placing Apostrophes and the Grill

The Hawaii Catholic Herald interviewed two composers three months ago on the eve of the big liturgy conference out there in the Pacific. CNS picked up a slice of the story today. These stories behind the music–I find them fascinating. … Continue reading

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Maybe The Gloria Is Inadequate

One of the current discussions in Catholic liturgical music is setting the Gloria. My parish invested time to introduce a through-sung setting, and mostly, it has paid off. The responsorial format, over the years, has often (but not always) resulted … Continue reading

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Advent Music: My Soul In Stillness Waits

I mentioned this song ten years ago today. I mentioned then that I wish Marty Haugen had set or adapted all of the O Antiphons instead of just four of them. The piece is well over thirty years old now, … Continue reading

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