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OCP’s Rick Modlin explained the policy on Christmas carols for the resources Breaking Bread and Today’s Missal: Lastly, in response to numerous customer requests, we have restored music notation to several traditional Christmas carols … that were shown as text-only … Continue reading

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Song Texts During Communion Processions

The four-hymn sandwich was already fading in the 1970’s, at least for the more liturgically progressive parishes. There remain a lot of misconceptions, especially in the reform2 orbit on what constitutes hymnody and what is antiphonal or responsorial music. My … Continue reading

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A Song of Hope

My wife was listening to this song the other night. It’s a fine setting of a beloved Bible passage apt for the Jubilee: For I know well the plans I have in mind for you … plans for your welfare … Continue reading

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Songleader to Choir

When I arrived in my new parish, we had a few highly-attended funerals. For the daughter of my retired predecessor, most of the choir sang. I was asked about reviving the funeral choir. Since it wasn’t my initiative, I acceded … Continue reading

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The Warm-Up

Paul Inwood writes up nine “healthy” pre-liturgy practices he has noticed. I’d like to peel out number 2, the warm-up. Three minutes before the starting time, the cantor does a brief (one-minute) warm-up, preparing the assembly to celebrate, followed by … Continue reading

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Acclamation or Call/Response?

After three months of assessing my new parish’s musical repertoire–mostly once through each song or hymn to see how people sing–we’re implementing new music, a Mass setting. My predecessor had a plan to implement the Lopezes’ Misa Santa Cecilia. But … Continue reading

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A Theology of Kolinahr

Perhaps it is emotional constipation, a distrust of one obvious way God made us, that has damaged the Church. We are not aliens, after all, devoted to a fictional philosophy of Gene Roddenberry. God has given us minds, certainly. But … Continue reading

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