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The Three

Over the years here (on this blog) and there (elsewhere in the Catholic blogosphere) we’ve discussed a good bit of liturgical music. The three judgments, introduced to most American church musicians in the 1972 document Music in Catholic Worship (MCW), … Continue reading

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Lent 2 Antiphons and Psalms

There have been some interesting, perhaps heated discussions about the Mass propers lately. It seems to me more like a dialogue of the deaf. I thought that since this weekend’s offerings from the Roman Antiphonary are typical, it might be … Continue reading

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Mercy, Wide and Late

The concluding hymn at the parish struck me today in a way it has never done before. Two things. First, wideness, wideness, and kindness: There’s a wideness in God’s mercy, like the wideness of the sea. There’s a kindness in … Continue reading

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Survey Says?

The Chant Cafe has been rather quiet the past several days. I did notice a link on this post to a survey offered by the CDWDS and the Pontifical Council for Culture. Forty questions are offered under the following headings: Formation … Continue reading

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Wandering In A Musical Wilderness

On the Chant Cafe I noticed an earnest and heartfelt essay from the viewpoint of the organ bench and choir loft. I really feel for people who seem to be in anguish about church music. I think one problem, a … Continue reading

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The Meme Of Banal

I notice over at the Chant Cafe some discussion about reform2 Americans reforming Roman liturgical music. (Paul went there, so I suppose …) It rung a bell with some Praise Music as performance I saw there from earlier this week. … Continue reading

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What Inspires?

Another illustrative thread at the CMAA here. First a citation to an editorial that seems to confuse the decades: In the 1960s, many of our church leaders were seminarians.  It was a time when Gregorian chant was forcibly submerged below … Continue reading

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